‘Toads of the Bayou’ brings Toad-Based Tactics to Steam this October

Emanuela (11. June 2024 10:00 )
‘Toads of the Bayou’ brings Toad-Based Tactics to Steam this OctoberNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Toads of the Bayou’ brings Toad-Based Tactics to Steam this October

Hop to the deep south in a ribbiting new strategic roguelike


LONDON, UK - June 9, 2024 - Get ready for a toad-ally new tactical roguelike when Toads of the Bayou hops onto Steam in October 2024. Watch the ribbiting new trailer debuted at PC Gaming Show earlier today.

Combining a challenging mix of toad-based tactics and strategic frog-like deck building, Toads of the Bayou follows the adventures of a dapper band of toads looking to build a new life in the swamps of the deep south.

Hop into combat against evil forces threatening the toads’ survival, and create a powerful deck to outwit your enemies in tactical turn-based strategy. Visit the Tavern to purchase new cards, buy traps and defences, and hire support to help your toads become the strongest and most fearsome in the bayou.

YouTube Video.

Ahead of the full game’s launch this October, hop into the Toads of the Bayou: Prologue later this summer to get an early look at the game’s amphibious adventures. Meet ‘The Sister’, a toad missionary sent to purify the bayou from its occult forces, and set out on a journey to uproot the almighty opening boss: The Mighty Tree of Frogwood.

Toads of the Bayou can be added to your Steam Wishlist now. To keep up with the latest news & updates, follow Toads of the Bayou on X and Instagram, and visit fireshinegames.co.uk.

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