Dragon Quest Builders Launches On iOS and Android Devices
27.May 2022
DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS LAUNCHES ON  iOS AND ANDROID DEVICES Players Can Now Experience The Console Crafting Hit on Mobile Devices With Upgraded Features and DLC   LOS ANGELES... More
The legend of US carrier-based aviation is coming
27.May 2022
The legend of US carrier-based aviation is coming to War Thunder in June The F-14 fighter and the battlecruiser HMS Hood will be part of the "Danger Zone"... More
Calling All Space Captains!
27.May 2022
Calling All Space Captains! Today we are giving YOU the chance to get hands on with The Galactic Junkers for the first time ever. Be vigilant though, as invites are... More
Moo Lander, the Worlds First Mootroidvania, Is Now Available
27.May 2022
Moo Lander, the World’s First Mootroidvania, Is Now Available on PlayStation®, Xbox, and PC Get off your dairy-air and take the bull by the horns (literally) to reclaim... More
Jump For Joy: ‘Kao the Kangaroo Launches Today
27.May 2022
Jump For Joy: ‘Kao the Kangaroo’ Launches Today on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Steam, & Epic Games Store Fans new and old can finally get their hands on Kao’s return twenty... More
Fillit releases on Steam on June 2
27.May 2022
SOLO & CO-OP CLASSIC ARCADE PUZZLE FILLIT RELEASES ON STEAM ON JUNE 2! Play alone or with your friends in a puzzle title that pays tributes to classics such as Qix, Xonix, or... More
PlateUp! – a brilliant food-based action roguelite
27.May 2022
It’s Happening and Yogscast Games to serve up frenetic restaurant management game PlateUp! – a brilliant food-based action roguelite coming to PC this summer Build and expand your own... More
TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds
26.May 2022
TEN - Ten Rooms, Ten Seconds - A rage-platformer game to play anytime! May 26 2022, Indie publisher Ratalaika Games is delighted to be working with developer The Bworg on their debut title TEN... More
Wired Productions Gets Ready for its Steam Publisher Sale
26.May 2022
Wired Productions Gets Ready for its Steam Publisher Sale with Huge Discounts on Award-Winning Indie Titles June sees the ‘Up to 90%’ off Sale land ahead of the Steam Next Fest, with... More
Golfie Launches Today on PC
26.May 2022
Mini-Golf with A Twist – Deckbuilding Roguelike Golfie Launches Today on PC Cards meet mini golf in this riotous clash of genres Bristol UK – 26th May 2022. Triheart... More
Ship Graveyard Simulator introduces Submarines DLC
26.May 2022
Ship Graveyard Simulator introduces Submarines DLC   Ship Graveyard Simulator - Submarines DLC. Get your tools and workers ready for the DLC which will bring the submarines to your beach.... More
REPLACED Delayed Until 2023
25.May 2022
REPLACED Delayed Until 2023 Publisher Coatsink, parent company Thudnerful, and developer Sad Cat Studios have just released a statement... More
The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos to receive its final expansion
25.May 2022
The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos to receive its final expansion, Back to the Futon, this Summer Travel through time to the... More
The best esports promos and free bets
20.May 2022
Esports is fast becoming one of the most popular sections of the online gambling sector, with millions of wagers placed on the top competitions and fixtures every year. Improvements in the coverage... More
Games with the biggest communities
09.May 2022
Playing your favorite video game in solo/single-player mode is always fun for a multitude of reasons. You can choose the pace at which you want to complete the story, how many side quests you do or... More
Zombie Rollerz: Pinball Heroes
01.May 2022
Can't get enough of Roguelite games either? This seems to be the year you won't be able to keep up, because publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Zing Games Inc. have also jumped on... More
Expeditions: Rome - Death or Glory
25.April 2022
The first DLC for "Expeditions: Rome" was released recently and brings the gladiators into the game. In my review I would like to tell you a little bit about the new DLC.   New... More
Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles
25.April 2022
 Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles The 3D puzzle platformer was released back in February 2020 for PC and was released a few days ago as a digital and retail version for the Nintendo... More
Godlike Burger
19.April 2022
On 21.04.2022 you can flip burgers again, but in a completely different way, because developer Liquid Pug and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have come up with something very special. I was allowed... More
Syberia: The World Before
16.March 2022
After Syberia 3 was released in 2017, the joy was great, which was quickly extinguished due to short gameplay and far too easy puzzles, leaving especially fans with a disappointment. Can Syberia: The... More
Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands
12.March 2022
Skiing, enjoying the snow or listening to bands playing the trumpet, what more could you want to find some relaxation? And that's exactly what the open world game from developer Toppluva AB and... More
Elex II
01.March 2022
After about five years Elex returns, whether the second part is better and what has changed compared to the predecessor, I want to tell you in my PC Review. Story and plot: The story... More
5 Reasons to Factor Online Casinos Into PC Gaming
11.February 2022
PC gaming has caught on in a big way over the years, to the point that many prefer it to console alternatives. Even with this being the case though, we often look at PC gaming in a fairly limited,... More
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