The Hellboy Board Game Is Absolutely Obliterating Its Kickstarter
26.April 2018
I love me some Hellboy, ok? I was on a work trip to Europe about 6 years ago, and before I left, I was raiding the SF library for comics to bring with me (thank you three week check out time, SF... More
John Wick Chapter 3 Gets A Synopsis & A (Weak) Poster
26.April 2018
John Wick is badass, and we all know that. Originally an under the radar hit action flick, this series has blown up in a big way, to the point where, off the top of my head, I can't name a more... More
Injustice 2 Patch Adds Some Much Needed Fixes
26.April 2018
Everyone was pretty damn pumped with the latest character pack (NINJA TURTLES!!!), but there were some character and gameplay problems that needed to be addressed, and I'm pleased to tell you... More
Time To Smash! Zamasu Joins the Battle in Dragon Ball FighterZ
26.April 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ continues to round out its character list, adding Fused Zamasu, the calm and collected Supreme Kai apprentice. In the video below, we have his character intro, and some... More
Redeemer Review
26.April 2018
Pc/ Top Down Shooter
The Basics Redeemer is a brutal, top down shooter from Sobaka Studios. You assume the role of a monk named Vasily, who has joined a monastic order to forget about his bloody past, until... More
Battletech Review
25.April 2018
The Basics Battletech is an XCOM style, tactical, turn-based strategy game from Hare Brained Schemes that puts you in charge of a mercenary company trying to make it in the universe. As the... More
Full Metal Furies Review
23.April 2018
The Basics Full Metal Furies is a third-person, 4-player action RPG, with elements from bullet hell and MOBA games thrown in. You and and up to three friends control a team of warriors... More
Vava Moov 28 Bluetooth Earbud Review
20.April 2018
Bluetooth headphones have always been hit and miss for me. Many pairs that I’ve tested in the past have given me problems, whether it’s connectivity issues, poor build quality or just bad... More
Far Cry 5 Review
19.April 2018
The Basics Far Cry 5 is this latest entry in this award winning FPS series, and this time you assume the role of a nameless deputy that is out to arrest a preacher by the name of Joseph... More
Tower 57 Full Review
17.April 2018
The Basics Tower 57 is a twin stick retro inspired shooter that brings back memories of my childhood, where games were simpler, but far more difficult. You take your pick of various characters,... More
Surviving Mars Review
13.April 2018
The Basics The basics here are very straightforward: you are on Mars. You need a place to live. Get your robots, get your building schematics, and get to work. The Story & Flow There... More
Toast Cover Review
12.April 2018
Based out of Portland Oregon, there is a company called Toast, and they have built a business on cutting into wood with lasers, which sounds awesome in itself. They care about the environment, they... More
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