Star Citizen Goes Free For Invictus Week May 17-29

Emanuela (18. May 2024 14:30 )
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Earth’s Military Might During Invictus Launch Week 2954 From May 17-29, Join the Festivities with Free Access and Ship Rentals, Exciting Reveals, and Spectacular Sights

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), developer of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, is a new kind of independent studio dedicated to delivering AAA games outside the established publisher system. Founded in 2012 by renowned game developer Chris Roberts, CIG is shifting the paradigm of game development towards a more inclusive process, offering its global community an unprecedented level of visibility and engagement by granting ongoing access to a product in active development.

Join together to participate in Star Citizen’s Invictus Launch Week 2954, the annual celebration of the United Empire of Earth’s Navy and armed forces and those working hard to support them. The top aerospace and defense manufacturers in the ‘verse return to Area18 on ArcCorp to showcase their latest vehicles and equipment to prospective buyers and curious onlookers. Visit the show floor where a rotating selection of manufacturers changes every other day to offer something new for regular visitors, with exciting reveals already announced on the first day. Industrial-focused Argo Astronautics have revealed their MPUV TRACTOR loader ship for solo pilots, an accessible and flexible cargo transport designed to make large-scale hauling operations seamless and efficient; and venerable shipbuilder RSI have lifted the lid on their Ursa Medivac, a six-wheeled light support rover that’s more than just a rugged and reliable vehicle, it’s a mobile medical unit. Additional reveals will be made throughout the event, and while players wait they can look out for new features this year including planetary fly-bys from a corvette-class RSI Polaris flagship or visit the traveling Idris-M frigate and explore its decks themselves.

Star Citizen will be free to download and play during the entire event, and more than 87 military vehicles will be free to fly as well, giving everyone a taste of the might of the UEEN. A variety of collaborative in-game events designed in the spirit of “One Empire,” and how each citizen’s individual contributions help create humanity's unrivaled power of unity that has taken it beyond the stars, showcase the might of the UEE Navy and invites citizens to explore the vessels that keep the ‘verse safe. For full details on the Invictus Launch Week and Free Fly schedule visit this link, and additional details about Invictus Launch Week 2954 are available in this FAQ.


The Star Citizen Invictus Launch Week 2954 and Free Fly event begin May 17 at approximately 9:00AM (PDT)/ 5:00PM (BST) and will run through May 29 ending at approximately 5:00PM (PDT)/ 1:00AM (BST).

Invictus Launch Week 2954 takes place on the planet ArcCorp with events hosted at Area18, one of its main commercial ports. New players are encouraged to create characters starting at Area18 to take advantage of the latest new-player experience, walking them through some of the basics of navigating on foot and in the cockpit, before following the in-game directions to the expo center. For full details on where and when to find in-game activities and events, visit

Highlights for this year’s upcoming Invictus Launch Week 2954 include:

  • Fly for Free: Download the Star Citizen client and play for free during the Invictus Launch Week 2954 event. Find out more and start your journey today by visiting the official website.
  • Test-Fly Every Military Vehicle for Free, All Ships in Final Days: A total of 87 vehicles will be available for players to test fly for free, including the latest from the galaxy’s most respected manufacturers on show during the Invictus Launch Week 2954 event. Showcasing the collective strength of humanity, manufacturers have come together this year to make all ships available to test for free in the final three days of the show.
  • RSI’s Ursa Medivac Saves the Day: A beacon of hope and resilience in a chaotic universe, the Ursa Medivac embodies RSI’s commitment to practical, life-saving solutions. This purpose-built medical support vehicle houses advanced medical facilities behind a balanced package of light armor and maneuverability that allow its operators to pick up patients and quickly stabilize them as they evacuate. It’s a welcome presence for any squad operating in potentially hostile conditions, and a real lifesaver.
  • Get the Load-down on Argo’s MPUV TRACTOR Loader: Argo Astronautics' reputation for robust, industrial vessels lives on through the MPUV TRACTOR dedicated cargo loader. This snub ship seats one, leveraging an onboard tractor beam to load and unload large hauling vessels with ease. Accessible and reliable, no cargo operation is complete without the MPUV TRACTOR.
  • The Sabre Firebird Brings the Destruction: Combining raw speed with devastating ballistic firepower, the Firebird redefines hit-and-run combat. Built upon the infamous Sabre chassis, the Firebird boasts a bespoke launcher capable of deploying 12 Size 3 missiles alongside dual Gatling cannons, ensuring it delivers a serious punch. Its relatively small frame and high-end propulsion allow for rapid ingress and egress, minimizing liability. With its blazing straight-away speed and unrelenting missile barrage, the Firebird is designed to unleash hell upon its targets, making it a formidable asset against even the most daunting adversaries.
  • The Versatile, Modular Aegis Retaliator is Now Flyable: The fully customizable Aegis Retaliator base has emerged out of concept and is now flyable in the ‘verse, featuring two modular rooms that can be equipped with Torpedo or Cargo load-outs that enable pilots to configure their gunship for the mission at hand, with many more modules to be added in the future!
  • Drake Prepare to Steal the Show: As ever Drake DefenseCon ramps up as the Invictus party subsides, and rumors has it Drakes’s latest reveal is set to cast a (very) large shadow over the UEE’s parade.
  • The Aegis Idris-M Frigate Welcomes Visitors: Following the climactic, action-packed Idris War Game mission where players fought to capture a mighty Idris-M frigate crewed by CIG developers, the Idris returns to Stanton on a more peaceful mission. A workhorse of the UEEN, the Idris is often scouting dangerous jump points or on long range patrols and can be found in most active battle formations throughout the military. The Idris-M will be touring Stanton throughout ILW 2954, making regular stops to welcome the citizens of earth to tour its interior.
  • Be Among the First to See the RSI Polaris Soar: Serving as both a self-sufficient patrol vessel for the UEEN and flagship for civilian militia operations, the Polaris is the tip of the spear for humanity’s defense. Attendees for ILW 2954 will be among the first to see this sleek, corvette-class capital ship as it makes orbital fly-bys throughout the system.
  • Welcoming New Players to all Landing Zones: The improved New Player Experience, originally released for Area18 in Alpha 3.19, has been expanded and is now supported on all starting locations. While the same core skills are taught at each location, new players can now choose to begin high in the cloud city of Orison, in the mining town of Lorville owned and operated by Hurston Dynamics, on New Babbage, which is both a bustling major trading hub and home to high-end electronic companies, or back at Area18’s urban downtown where bright lights attract commerce and entertainment.

To take full advantage of Invictus Launch Week, veteran pilots planning to crew up with friends are encouraged to share their referral code for a bonus 5,000 aUEC. New players ready to begin their journey in Star Citizen should also visit the Welcome Hub for helpful resources.

Follow the Star Citizen team on Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch -- and visit for full details and schedules on the Invictus Launch Week 2954 event.

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