Free Guide for brand new Reverse: 1999 character Ezra

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Free Guide for brand new Reverse: 1999 character Ezra


Ezra Tutorial

Phase 2 of Version 1.5 of Reverse: 1999 unlocks Ezra, a new 6-star support character. When he releases the ultimate skill, he can gain the Maxies and eruka for teammates. His full range of abilities and background are detailed in the following guide.

Ezra’s Overall Info

Ezra is a student and mushroom researcher from Melbourne. He’s rational, reliable, and always ready to help others. Based on his research on Australian mushrooms and reincarnators, he was successfully promoted to the Laplace headquarters.

  • Afflatus: Star

  • Damage Type: Mental damage

  • Overall definition: A Star Support character who can gain the Maxies and eruka for teammates by releasing the ultimate skill.

Ezra Skill Introduction

  • PROTECTION TO THE BODY: [Debuff]Mass attack. Loses 15% of the current HP, and causes 30% Mental DMG to 2 enemies; Additionally inflicts 15% Genesis DMG based on the caster's maximum HP. The additional damage can critical hit. Plants 1 [Honey Fungus], the maximum amount of mushrooms is 2.

  • STIMULUS TO THE MIND: [Buff]Mass Buff. Loses 15% of the current HP, and applies a shield equal to 15% of the caster's max HP to all allies, lasting 1 round. Plants 1 [Ghost Fungus], the maximum amount of mushrooms is 2.

  • Ultimate Skill “COMPASSION ALL-ROUND”: Mass buff. Grants +1 Moxie and +1 Eureka to all allies. Plants the maximum amount of [Honey Fungus] possible and matures all mushrooms, triggering their effects immediately.

  • Insight 1: When entering battle, gains +2 Eureka; After using Ultimate, gains +4 Eureka. When using Incantations, if the maximum amount of the corresponding mushrooms is planted, consume 2 Eureka and grow the corresponding mushroom one time. If the mushroom matures, immediately trigger its effects.

  • Insight 2: When entering combat, damage taken is reduced by 8%.

  • Insight 3: When a round ends, each mushroom present on the field heals the caster based on 8% of the caster's lost HP. This effect can be a critical hit. When using an Incantation, if the maximum amount of mushrooms are planted and the mushroom corresponding to that skill is not present, 2 Eureka will be consumed to increase the caster's Moxie by 1. (This will only be triggered if the caster's Moxie is below 5).

Ezra Build Guide


  • (Recommended) BEYOND WONDERLAND: The most suitable psychube for Ezra

  • HER SECOND LIFE: Increase team endurance ability

  • A FREE HEART: Reduce the damage him suffered to increase his endurance by himself

Team build:

  • Ezra can be cultivated as a support for long battles, providing shield of all the teammates. Players can build a [Star] pursue team around Ezra by adding 37 or build a team with him and other high crit character

  • Main DPS: 37/any main DPS character

  • Healer/Survival: Tooth Fairy is the first choice and other healers work, too.


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