RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix, An Epic New Fantasy Novel

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RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix, An Epic New Fantasy Novel Set Within the RuneScape Universe, Available Now

Discover how the gift of magic changed Gielinor forever in the first of three new RuneScape novels - and prepare for The Fall of Hallowvale, coming in November

Tuesday, 14th May 2024, Cambridge, UK – Jagex is delighted to announce that RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix, the first thrilling novel in a series of three original stories set within the legendary RuneScape universe, is available now at retailers worldwide. 

Along with this news, Jagex is thrilled to reveal that the second book in the collection, RuneScape: The Fall of Hallowvale, will launch on November 5th, 2024. Set in the shining city of Hallowvale, a realm of light safeguarded by the Everlight, Queen Efaritay and the knightly warriors of Hallowvale face desperate choices as a new darkness descends to threaten the city's fate.

Published by Titan Books in partnership with Jagex, RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix is sure to delight players of both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape alike with an epic tale of the origin of magic, the plight of civil war, and the crushing defeat of the Fremennik Great Invasion.

Asgarnia’s fate hangs in the balance. Disparate tribes unite under the banner of Lord Raddallin, and his enemies look on in fear and hatred. Raddallin’s advisors – an uneasy alliance of Black and White knights – whisper of a discovery in the North that will give them the power to change everything. Caught in the midst of history, a lowly scribe and the son of a Jarl hold the fate of Raddallin’s new kingdom in their hands. 

From the glorious inauguration of King Raddalin’s reign to the expulsion of the Zamorakians from Asgarnia, discover how the gift of magic changed the course of Gielinor forever in this stunning fantasy novel.

RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix is written by Erin M. Evans, the author of seven Forgotten Realms novels for Wizards of the Coast, including the 2011 Scribe Award winner Brimstone Angels. She is a content designer for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms and a cast member of the D&D actual play Dungeon Scrawlers.

RuneScape: The Gift of Guthix is available now for £9.99 GBP / $16.95 USD RRP. RuneScape: The Fall of Hallowvale is also available to pre-order ahead of its release this November here.


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Celebrating more than twenty years of adventures and acclaimed by PC Gamer as “one of the most endearing and unique MMOs available”, RuneScape is an ever-expanding, community-driven game that’s bursting with activity and life. Today RuneScape is one of the world’s longest-running online games, with over 300 million player accounts. 

Set in a medieval fantasy land, players embark on epic journeys through a vast sandbox world that’s full of gods, warring races, unexplored dungeons, and glittering riches. Propelled by the game’s narrative, choose your own path through enthralling quests, and progress through 28 diverse skills to shape a single character in a classless world. RuneScape is available across PC, iOS and Android devices.

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A leader in creating deep and engaging forever games that empower our communities across PC, mobile and consoles. Jagex’s flagship MMORPG, RuneScape, has welcomed over 300 million player accounts to its world and is a $1billion + lifetime revenue franchise. Today the RuneScape franchise exists beyond live operations; our titles are forever games that connect and inspire millions of players, with content and experiences both inside and outside of inexhaustible game worlds. Both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, on PC and mobile, offer ever-evolving, highly active worlds and our community-focussed development ethos empowers players to have a real say in how each game is shaped.

In 2022, Jagex expanded with the acquisitions of PipeWorks and Gamepires, bringing its expertise in building forever games to SCUM, a multi-million selling open-world survival title in Steam Early Access & other unannounced titles. Jagex employs more than 600 people globally, and is headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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