VR smash hit Startenders arrival on Steam will offer big bartending bang for your buck

Emanuela (11. April 2024 15:57 )
VR smash hit Startenders arrival on Steam will offer big bartending bang for your buckNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

VR smash hit Startenders arrival on Steam will offer big bartending bang for your buck! 

In space, everyone will buy your drinks

Bristol, United Kingdom — April 11, 2024 | Ever dreamt of tending bar among the stars? Well, your rather specific interstellar dreams are about to be realised, Foggy Box Games’ VR hit Startenders (Meta Quest and PSVR2) is scheduled to land on Steam for April 25, carrying all the game’s updates to date, yet jettisoning half its original payload — with a 50% off introductory offer! 

An internship in the prestigious Startenders Academy offers players the opportunity to start mixing it with patrons from across the universe, while slicing Quantum Mass, shaking Rocket Fuel and cryogenically freezing cocktails — all in the pursuit of customer satisfaction (at least until the hangovers kick in!).

With 100 named recipes and 25 liquors of both Earth and alien origin, players can craft a host of truly cosmic cocktails to their patrons' specifications. If that doesn’t wet their whistle, they can mix their own and conjure up over 2 million uniquely blended beverages, using pretty much whatever they have lying around.

Between shifts behind the bar, players can check their place in the pantheon of Startenders Academy hopefuls; hone their craft by finding new and innovative ingredients and a bevvy of taste-making blueprints; or simply spend their hard-earned salaries trying to gain an edge in the pursuit of a truly celestial cocktail experience!

Startenders gives players the freedom of an entire galaxy across ‘Story’, ‘Free Mix’, ‘Pass the Headset’ and ‘Daily Run’ game modes where they can meet new alien species and battle it out in daily challenges.

Much like a real bar, Startenders is playable either standing or seated and features a variety of VR accessibility options to ensure every recruit is ready to serve robots, rocks, bugs, and even gelatinous aliens from across the stars.

Startenders will be available on Steam for 50% off its normal price of $14.99/£11.99/€14.99 and can also be purchased on Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR. Join Startender Academy at joinstartenders.com and show the universe what you’re made of.

About Yogscast Games

Yogscast Games was established in 2017, with a simple goal: to work with small teams to develop and publish games which are as fun to watch as they are to play. Its most recent releases have included poker-powered deckbuilding game ‘Aces & Adventures’, the wickedly amoral ‘Trolley Problem, Inc.’ and the wildly successful restaurant management roguelike ‘PlateUp!’ which recently passed 1.5m Steam units sold.

About Foggy Box Games

Foggy Box Games are Alastair Callum and Chris Youles, a game development duo based in Bristol, England. Their debut game Brunch Club is out now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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