5PM unveils unique strategic city-builder Memoriapolis

Emanuela (11. April 2024 15:53 )
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Embark on a journey to build your city and rule your dynasty from Antiquity to the Age of Enlightenment in MEMORIAPOLIS 

Watch history come alive as 5PM Studio unveils innovative city-building experience coming to Steam Early Access in 2024

Paris, France - 11 April 2024 Today, innovative development studio 5PM proudly announces MEMORIAPOLIS, a unique city-building strategy sim where players shape a thriving metropolis spanning 2,500 years of history. The game is available to wishlist on Steam now and will be released into Steam Early Access later this year.

MEMORIAPOLIS invites players to embark on a captivating journey, transforming a humble explorer's camp into a sprawling European capital, renowned all over the world. Witness the organic evolution of your city as you navigate critical decisions through distinct historical eras, from Antiquity to the Age of Enlightenment.

MEMORIAPOLIS offers a strategic twist on the city-building genre. Balancing urban planning, resource management, and politics will be key to ensure your dynasty stands the test of time. Strategic thinking is paramount as you navigate different historical eras, facing critical choices that impact your city's organisation and growth.

Decide which buildings to preserve and which to abandon, strategically select the city’s centre, and weigh the advantages of overlapping historical eras against territorial expansion.

Key Features of MEMORIAPOLIS include: 

  •  2,500 Years of History: Build and develop your city across four distinct eras, Antiquity, Dark Ages, Renaissance, and Age of Enlightenment, each with unique architectural styles, challenges, and opportunities.
  •   Strategic City Planning: Every building placement influences force fields, shaping how your population utilises and inhabits your city. Strategic thinking is key to success to maximise the limited available space.
  •   Critical Decisions: As you progress through the ages, you’ll need to make crucial choices that impact your city's development and growth. From conflicting cultures to new political classes, each era presents fresh challenges to your growing metropolis.
  •  Political Struggles: Cultural factions play a big role in shaping your city, from driving political activity to defining neighbourhoods and their population. With six key factions [Production, Military, Religion, Education, Commerce, Political], players will be tasked with not only keeping the peace in the present but also ensuring their legacy and power is secured for the next age.
  •  Lasting Legacy: Witness the impact of your decisions as your city transforms into a testament to your leadership and strategic vision.

MEMORIAPOLIS offers a captivating and innovative city-building experience, challenging players to think strategically and creatively as they build a civilization that endures the test of time.

"MEMORIAPOLIS isn't just about building a city," says Jean Baptise Reynes, Head of Studio at 5PM. "It's about experiencing the weight of history and the impact your choices have on its evolution. We're excited to see players engage with the strategic challenges and balance of preserving the past while shaping a vibrant future for their city."

See more information from the developer in a series of Developer Diaries here.

MEMORIAPOLIS is available to wishlist on Steam today and launching into Steam Early Access later this year.

Visit https://playmemoriapolis.com/ for more information.

About 5PM

Founded in 2022, 5PM by professional architect Jean-Baptiste Reynes, 5PM is a game development studio dedicated to creating innovative games that combine real-world architectural principles with gaming mechanics. A long-time advocate for utilising gaming technology within his field, prior to 5PM Reynes found ENODO, a company utilising the CRYENGINE to produce real-time interactive tours of architectural and industrial projects.  Their upcoming title, Memoriapolis, a twist on the strategic city-building genre that immerses players in a rich historical setting, will be released in Steam Early Access in 2024. 

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