Roguelike Tamarak Trail is out today

Emanuela (29. February 2024 17:30 )
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Roguelike Tamarak Trail is out today on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms
Delve deep into dice-based combat with It's Time to Roll Dev Diary
Denver, USA – February 29th, 2024 - Yarrow Games are proud to reveal that their turn-based dice-oriented deck-building roguelike Tamarak Trail is out today on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Series consoles for $14.99, with a 10% discount available on Steam during launch week.

To commemorate this launch, Tamarak Trail has received an all new Dev Diary, 'It's Time to Roll', that focuses on the depth of its dice-based combat. Learn how to customize your dice, swapping sides to match your playstyle. 
In Tamarak Trail there are a multitude of modifiers in place to create your own combat dice. Status effects enhance your abilities, and bounce modifiers allow you to knock your dice together to amplify your powers. Be forewarned though, that bounces will also increase your resolve cost, so use them wisely. Dice can be further modified with flips, allowing you to spin a die in a specific direction to create combos. You can even customize your dice in the Dice Forge to craft your own "infinite combo"! That's not all, as dice can be modified with Dice Cores, which add passive buffs like added defense. Find a play style that suits you!
"With Tamarak Trail we wanted to combine our love of roguelikes' randomization, tabletop gaming's tactile dice, and the haunting beauty of Ontario's forests," said Piotr Lipert, Lead Designer at Yarrow Games. "This has been a very personal project from all of us at Yarrow Games, as it marks our first game together since founding the studio - even though we'd worked together before. We've been playing Tamarak Trail for years, yet the game has so much depth that we're beyond curious to see what strategies the community employs. We hope that you enjoy the game!"
More about Tamarak Trail

As a member of a secret society named the Sturgeon Lodge, it's up to you to piece together the mystery of a decaying earth, hunt down the source of this corruption and put a stop to it at all costs. Embarking on this adventure, you can choose one of three characters: The Magician, the Tracker or the Detective, each with their own unique abilities and traits. Depending on your preferred playstyle, the character's different skills and attributes allow you to craft a unique strategy for your character as they navigate the ominous trail. Procedurally generated paths create a myriad of possibilities where you can encounter events, monsters, campsites, treasure and more. Every new discovery reveals new bonuses and strategies to explore.
To combat the monsters and nefarious foes you'll encounter, you'll have to be tactical in your dice-building, as each face could mean the difference between victory or defeat. Different dice sides can be used to attack directly, apply buffs and debuffs, inflict damage over time, defend yourself, or flip your dice to another side for combo-extending awesomeness. You can even apply "dice cores" to secure passive abilities. 
You're given direct control of your physics-based dice rolls, allowing you to smack them together to create killer combo attacks. In true deck-builder fashion, dice faces can be customized with more abilities after each victory, adding new attacks, defenses and combinations to take forward into future battles. Modify your dice to find a play style that suits you!
  • Craft fully customizable dice!
  • Use dice sets with physics-based rolls and infinite combos
  • Play as one of three character classes with distinctive gameplay
  • Immerse yourself into a meticulously hand-drawn, randomly generated trail full of mysteries and challenges
  • Discover eldritch artifacts that drastically change your battle style and strategy

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