The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia Returns to GDC in 2024

Emanuela (31. January 2024 14:44 )
The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia Returns to GDC in 2024News  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia Returns to GDC in 2024 with Eight Talented Indie Game Studios

The SwissGames Delegation Features Magical Management Sims, Competitive eSports, Heavy Metal Roguelike Action, and Much More

Zürich, Switzerland (January 31, 2024) — Today, the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia announced this year's SwissGames delegation of indie game developers attending GDC 2024. Eight talented studios from Switzerland, each showcasing unique and exciting projects, will be available for interviews with press, in addition to meetings with potential publishing and funding partners.
The SwissGames initiative supports developers in building relationships with the international games industry, organizing their participation in more than 20 events a year. Those who attend the dedicated SwissGames GDC booth will be treated to magical management simulation, evolution-based roguelike action, turn-based vampiric combat, intense competitive matches, and more from this year's talented delegation.
The delegation of studios listed below was selected by an international jury in order to best demonstrate Switzerland's game development talent.

Kipwak Studio

Wizdom Academy
Build a 3D wizard school, recruit students and staff, manage resources, and solve the mystery of the severe mana shortages at Wizdom Academy. Intelligent and innovative design allows characters to think and respond dynamically, bringing depth to your school. Magical adventure awaits! Wizdom Academy is coming soon to PC via Steam.

Studio ZB

Truth Detectives
In Truth Detectives, true crime with real content trains users to become full–fledged open source intelligence (OSINT) investigators. Learn how to use publicly available tools and data (including search engines, social media, and YouTube) to gain experience by reconstructing real-world cases of human rights violations. Prepare to join and support activist networks like Amnesty International or Bellingcat.

Momento Games

Flying Toyz
Mechanical toys and magic combine to create a new competitive sport! Use expressive movement mechanics and disruptive spells to fight opponents and score goals in tournament-style matches. Each game map has specific environmental hazards that can interfere with the game or be used to the player's advantage. Flying Toyz is coming soon to PC via Steam, Xbox Series S|X, and PlayStation 5.

Mac n Cheese Games

Fight, feed, evolve, repeat! Munch is a dark fantasy action roguelite where you are what you eat. Evolve a creature and master different forms and abilities unlocked by its diet. Defeat twisted beasts and humans to devour their remains and fight through a nightmarish procedurally generated world. Munch is coming soon to PC via Steam and consoles.


Kohlrabi Starship
Revive a desert planet by searching the stars for vegetation to plant and grow! Experience a unique blend of farming, space exploration, and dating sims in Kohlrabi Starship. Overcome weather and environmental challenges, explore a wide range of planets for new plants, upgrade the starship's farming technology, and build relationships with a diverse cast of characters in order to create a lush, thriving planet. Kohlrabi Starship is coming soon to PC via Steam.

LUAL Games

Eldritch Empathy (Working Title)
Try to stay sane in this narrative rogue-lite with a Lovecraftian atmosphere. Go out into the wilderness to confront eldritch monsters again and again. Armed with research tools, a notebook full of eldritch symbols, and a gun, try to gather as much information as possible about these monsters while keeping up with a growing collection of notes and papers. Eldritch Empathy is in early development from LUAL Games, the developers behind [I] doesn't exist - a modern text-adventure.

Disco:very Studio

Dissecting Love
Dissecting Love is a narrative game that explores the death of a queer relationship through the lens of an autopsy. By dissecting body parts and objects, players uncover the hidden arguments and unique obstacles the couple faces. With a focus on queer issues, the game delves into the complexities of the characters' relationship, addressing themes such as family dynamics, external pressures, and personal identity.

Twisted BrainZ

Rise of Peles
Arise from death as a vampire in this throwback RPG! Fight in epic turn-based combat and craft powerful weapons to slay foes. Manage a vampiric lineage and expand workshops to obtain legendary equipment. Use cunning to recruit powerful allies and venture forth on a path of victory drenched in blood! Rise of Peles is coming soon to PC via Steam.
About SwissGames
SwissGames is an initiative by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia to promote the Swiss games cluster at home and abroad. Under the umbrella of SwissGames, it organizes and supports Swiss participation in more than 20 events per year and helps Swiss developers gain visibility, build relationships with the international games industry and access the global market.
About Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia
Pro Helvetia supports artists and cultural practitioners from Switzerland and disseminates their projects in Switzerland and abroad. They are committed to international cultural exchange and initiate cultural and thematic programmes.

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