REMEDIUM Act 2 - New Content Released Today via Steam Early Access

Emanuela (01. December 2023 13:18 )
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REMEDIUM Act 2 - New Content Released Today via Steam Early Access 

New location, boss and story content added to ESDigital’s post-apocalyptic twin-stick shooter. 

Limassol, Cyprus - November 30 2023. Leading indie publisher ESDigital Games and developer Sobaka Studio are thrilled to announce the release of the first content update of the eagerly awaited Act 2 for the Renaissance-inspired post-apocalyptic twin-stick shooter REMEDIUM via Steam Early Access.

Today’s REMEDIUM content update is the first stage in the full Act 2 release, including a new location, new mutant types, boss and new story content being made available for players to experience. A further two locations, enemy types, bosses and additional story arcs will be released over the coming weeks to complete the full Act 2 launch.  

Publisher ESDigital Games is also pleased to announce that there will be NO price increase for REMEDIUM on Steam Early Access following today’s content update. The price will only increase when the team is happy with the content and quality of the game in general and Act 2 in particular. For now, the focus is delivering the most polished and content-complete version of REMEDIUM during its Steam Early Access phase.  

Since the launch of Act 1, the dev team has been busy gathering community feedback and introducing many quality-of-life improvements and new features, many of which were requested by players already active on the Steam Early Access release. Some of these quality-of-life improvements include the balancing of battles to make weak enemies more dynamic, a reworked dash movement, new enemy spawn mechanics, improved VFX, blood effects and HUD, as well as many other cosmetic enhancements to the game world. The team will continue to work with the community on today’s update to improve and polish the upcoming content ahead of the full Act 2 release and extend their thanks for the support and feedback on REMEDIUM’s Early Access launch so far and look forward to further collaboration throughout the development journey. 

The first Act 2 content update for REMEDIUM will go live on Steam at 16.00 GMT/17.00 CET/11.00pm ET/8.00am PT, today, November 30. 

Following directly on from the devastating boss battle at the end of Act 1, REMEDIUM Act 2 opens a new chapter in the hunt for a cure to the Grey plague and to your very survival in the world ravaged by hordes of mutants and chimeras. Armed only with their journal, players must navigate the snowy mountain paths and survive the onslaught of warring tribes of mutants spread across three village locations. In each new location, the blood-thirsty mutants are protected by a terrifying and unique boss, who must be defeated in order to unveil the path to the cure for the disease and the survival of the remaining humans. 

REMEDIUM Act 2 features 

  • Act 2 will introduce three new locations with unique mutant types and terrifying bosses.

  • Today’s update unveils the new Fort location along with new mutants and boss type - Despite their beast-like looks these mutants wear armor and use human weapons like clubs, spears and even mortars. They inhabit a ruined fortress nestled into the mountainside, protected by a deadly new boss. Mutant types: Grunt, Pikeman, Gunner. Boss: Huntress. Two more locations (Mine and Abbey), mutant types and bosses, will complete Act 2 and be released soon.

  • Continuation of the intriguing storyline of the hero’s deadly journey.  

  • Players can craft new parts for their weapons (to customise them further and deal different types of damage) with the new reagents found in Act 2.

  • Updated visuals and player accessibility for an enhanced gameplay experience.

  • An improved upgrade system where players can now spend resources to become stronger. 

  • Dash movement and Almalgams use have been split for greater accessibility.

  • Language support for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, with further enhancements to be added. 


It had been more than a century since the Grey plague devoured the whole continent and turned almost all inhabitants into mindless chimeras, spreading the infection to any remaining survivors who managed to find refuge behind the huge walls of the fortress cities. 

While foraging outside the city walls, you are attacked, and while surviving the fight, you become infected with only a short time to live before the disease takes over. Your only hope is to fight through the hordes of mutants and chimeras and find the cure before it's too late. With an arsenal of weapons at your disposal, you must survive the infected spawn’s onslaught and master the art of alchemy to craft powerful potions, injections and amalgams to boost your abilities in your search for the cure. 

REMEDIUM is out now on PC via Steam Early Access, Epic Games Store for Windows, Mac and Linux and features Act 1 and the first phase of Act 2. The final instalment will launch in early 2024.  Console releases for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are also planned for 2024.

For more information visit the official REMEDIUM website and ESDigital Games

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