Sulake launches new Habbo merchandise

Emanuela (20. May 2022 13:05 )
Sulake launches new Habbo merchandiseNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Sulake launches new Habbo merchandise, with physical items accompanied with NFT versions available for your avatar!

Hoodies, t-shirts and caps available for order now!

Helsinki, FI - May 20th, 2022 – Sulake, part of the digital entertainment and media platform Azerion today announced new Habbo merchandise, including hoodies, t-shirts and caps, in partnership with Top Drawer Merch – known for their famous Adidas and Bored Ape Yacht Club merch drops. Alongside these new physical clothing items, fans will receive fully usable, in-game versions of the items purchased in the form of NFTs to use in Habbo. Each item purchased will come with a voucher code, so players can match their in-game avatar.
This sale marks the first physical Habbo merchandise launch in nearly 10 years, and the first time a merchandise drop has combined physical items with in-game digital versions as NFTs. Pre-sales of this new merchandise will be available on May 24th from this custom made Shopify store. After the pre-sale period ends, Top Drawer Merch will produce and distribute all items that have been ordered.
"Habbo players have been asking for new merchandise over the years, and we are so happy to announce that our new Habbo merch is available in both physical and digital forms, combining real life and the metaverse!" said Valtteri Karu, CEO of Sulake. "We are excited to be working with Top Drawer Merch and we have full confidence in their commitment to quality, customer service and eco-friendly production practices."
For more information on Habbo and the latest merch drop:
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