Steam Labs Experiment 12: Exploring Sales

Wolferatus (24. December 2020 12:56 )
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Steam Labs Experiment 12: Exploring Sales


December 23, 2020 -- Extending the services and features being developed in tandem with the community, Steam Labs Experiment 012: Exploring Sales is now available for public testing during the Steam Winter Sale.

This experiment is available to all players on Steam during the current event and expands upon smaller tests run during the Autumn Sale, which introduced themed pages to aid with product browsing. Building upon promising results, Faceted Browsing has been added for the Winter Sale to let players tell Steam more about what they are looking for by filtering titles along a variety of axes - such as visuals, themes, moods, and player support. Meanwhile, the number of themed pages has been increased (see below for list).

For a detailed write up of this experiment, please visit

Launched in July 2019, Steam Labs is a place where experimental new features can be introduced early in development, tested, and developed in conjunction with the community.

Below is a list of the themed pages being offered during the Winter Sale - some of these are still coming online and should all be available by EOD Pacific time.

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