Microsoft's New Adaptive Controller For People With Special Needs Looks Wild

Dean (22. May 2018 19:01 )
Microsoft's New Adaptive Controller For People With Special Needs Looks WildNews - Hardware news  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Microsoft has made a few controllers for their machines over the years, but never one like this. Built for people with one hand, no hands, or trouble with precise motor skills, this bad boy is completely mappable and customizable depending on what your needs are.

Microsoft has been working with muscular dystrophy UK to promote the controller, and Nic Bungay, the director of campaigns, care and information for muscular dystrophy UK talked a bit about what they are hoping to achieve with this controller, besides sell Xboxes to people with special needs.

Bungay said, “Microsoft’s new Xbox Adaptive Controller will make a real difference to disabled people, particularly those with a muscle-wasting condition whose movements will become increasingly limited over time. We know from our own research that video games are important to many disabled people. It allows them to socialise and compete with others on an equal basis, which has a positive effect on their wellbeing. Despite this, more than one in three young, disabled gamers told us they feel excluded due to a lack of accessibility. By working in partnership with Microsoft, we hope that today marks the first step towards a more inclusive video gaming culture.”

Take a look at the video below, and jump over to the official blog to read more about this new controller here.

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