Space Builder, Aven Colony Gets A Free Content Drop!

Dean (05. December 2017 23:18 )
Space Builder, Aven Colony Gets A Free Content Drop!Video Game News Online, Gaming News

Team17 and Mothership Entertainment are tossing a big ol content drop for Aven Colony right in your lap and you can play it on PC/Steam. 

Aven Colony: The Expedition Update is a massive update for their award-winning, sci-fi city-building and management sim: Aven Colony.

Check out the trailer and the details below, and trust me, you're gonna get your money's worth. 

There's really a ton here.

Content Update:

  • Content update 2 released today on Steam features:
  • 4 brand new remote installations to extend your colony out onto the surrounding planet: Remote Settlements, Missile Launchers, Deep Core Mines, and Solar Arrays
  • The Colony Terminal, a new morphing skyscraper that allows you to house colonists and comes with a hovercar transportation terminal built into the top floors!
  • A new Ark Launcher that allows you to send Ark vessels out onto the overworld map to build autonomous installations outside your colony
  • A new Transceiver allows your colony to collect solar power beamed back from solar arrays outside your colony
  • Fend off attackers from the Cult of the Seterdari, who will now attack your colony with their ramshackle airships
  • Incoming threats such as creep spores, plague spores, hovering guardians, and cultist airships will now appear on the expedition map and approach your colony before they strike
  • A new tier-2 Expedition Center supports an upgraded combat ship, which can fire missiles in a limited radius at all such incoming threats
  • A new water system dramatically enhances the look of all the oceans, rivers, and lakes in the game
  • A new Satellite Camera mode gives you a zoomed-out view of your entire colony from above
  • An updated camera system allows you to smoothly transition between normal camera, zoomed-in surveillance camera mode, satellite camera mode, and the overworld map using the mouse wheel or key shortcuts
  • Content update 2 is now available on Steam and will be coming soon to the console versions of Aven Colony.

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