The Sims 4: Get Together (PC)

Get Together is the second expansion pack to The Sims 4, following the release of Get to Work last spring. This new expansion is all about your Sims’ social lives – keep reading to find out what new features you can expect, or whether this latest addition is even worth it.



We’re off to Windenburg! Sims fans are going to be really happy with the new locale, Windenburg, which is consciously designed to have a Northern European feel. This new, very detailed region features a sort of city center, complete with parks, cafés, nightclubs; a more rural area; and an island. In addition to the regular locations like a library and a fitness center, there are several very special lot types for your Sims to visit. These include the Chalet Gardens at the Von Haunt Estate, which features a huge labyrinth on its grounds; some Ancient Ruins; and an Island Bluff, called, appropriately, The Bluffs. The Sims can explore these sites and find collectible objects, and at night they can use them to throw raucous parties or get cozy around the campfire. The neighborhoods really look great – the only downside is, once again, the fact that there are very few empty lots for you to let loose with your own creativity.

The new spots for your Sims to “get together” ensure that your Sims will no longer be spending their evenings having cocktails together on the couch. They can head to the new cafés to enjoy snacks and specialized coffees, get one to go, or even work as a barista. The nightclubs feature large dance floors and DJs that will get your Sims on their feet and keep them there. And if you prefer a more laid-back environment, there’s also a pub where you can play darts or foosball, or just relax with other Sims. Various theme events like “Knight Nights” and Ladies’ Nights provide a bit of variety, and the chance to wear special outfits, of course. Bars and DJ booths are portable too, which means you’ll also be able to throw parties in public areas. New design options include the ability to build natural pools, where your Sims can enjoy a swimming session or two (with or without a swimsuit) with heated water, bubbles, and swirling mists.

New Skills

If you really want to get the party going, you’d better work on your Dancing and DJ Mixing skills. The DJ Mixing Skill lets you fire up the crowd, influencing the mood and encouraging them to practice their own dancing abilities. If you practice shaking your hips enough on the dance floor, in front of the mirror, or just with your own sound system, you can unlock new moves and rewards. Certain dance floors even allow you to perform group dances or have dance contests. Experienced DJs can get access to new genres, and they can also create mix tapes. Particularly good DJs can get other Sims dancing, fulfill genre requests, and maybe even earn some nice tips. Dance parties offer one more group event to enrich your Sims’ social lives – you can plan dance parties over the phone and hold them either in your own home or in a public location.


Join a Club

The biggest new feature offered by this expansion pack is the ability to form clubs, which allows Sims to become a part of a social group, sharing their interests as well as their skills.


A new club interface allows you to join an existing club or start your own. Before you can join an existing club, you first need to check out the requirements that the club places on its members. If there aren’t any requirements, any Sim can join, though there can also be certain limits based on age, skills, or other characteristics that might either bar a Sim from joining or make them a prime candidate for membership.

All clubs are centered around certain group activities, whether you decide to join the “Renegades”, “Powerhouse”, or the “Avant Gardes”. For example, the “Garden Gnomes” like to spend their time catching frogs, fishing, and tending garden; while the “Knights of the Hedge” prefer to play chess and wander through the hedge maze at the Von Haunt Estate. Whenever a club gets together, each time a member does a club-approved activity, they receive club points. Activities the club enjoys are listed in green, those that are banned are marked in red. If a Sim performs an explicitly banned activity during a club gathering, the other club members will berate him or her, or they might even get kicked out.


If you want to get together with your club, you can always set a specific date/time for club members to get together and do the activities particular to that club. If you want to know if a particular Sim already belongs to a club, all you have to do is move the mouse over them to see which one(s) they belong to. If they’re in a club that you’re not in, you can apply for membership through them. A Sim can belong to up to three different clubs at any given time.

Starting Your Own Club

If you want to go ahead and start your own club, there’s an option for that too of course. In this case, you become club leader yourself, which allows you to create a club name and set its membership requirements. You can also pick the kind of activities you want club members to do, and which ones you don’t want them to do – up to five of each.  

If you want, you can also start recruiting members right away – the club menu will list all the Sims that meet the club’s requirements, and you can invite up to five members to start with. If you’d like to go into even more detail with your club, you can also pick a club logo and set regular meeting places, which can be someone’s home or a public place, such as a café, for instance. There’s also a special door that lets you create a room only accessible to club members. And if you want to make absolutely clear which club you belong to, you can even make a dress code for your members to wear at club meetings. This could mean having everyone dress in the “Country” style, making them all wear the same color, or even creating a specific outfit according to your exact specifications. So if your Sims are all into Star Wars, you can have them dress the part for their gatherings.



As far as graphics are concerned, Get Together of course retails the colorful, cartoony style of the base game. But the thing that really makes this expansion stand out is the level of detail the developers put into designing Windenburg. Fountains, cafés, and rocky crags, blanketed everywhere with gorgeous greenery give the little town an excellent atmosphere, complete with a wide variety of attractions including the Von Haunt Estate and the Bluffs.


The classic sounds of The Sims are back in Get Together, both in the interface as well as in the actions and emotions of the Sims themselves. Splashing fountains, chirping birds, and seaside sounds do a great job of setting the right atmosphere for each of the new locations, and the spinning of the DJs gets your Sims out on the dance floor in the night clubs.



The Get Together expansion isn’t breaking any new ground, really, but it does round out the Sims 4 gameplay experience and gives players a bit more control. Whereas before, visiting Sims would just walk into your house and sit down at the computer until wearing out their welcome, the new clubs ensure much more interaction between Sims. While having set activities for them to do as a club certainly limits their options, I’m sure every player has their own favorite activities to do and skills to develop anyway. Sims finally have the opportunity to hone their skills together and work with one another to carry out daily tasks like cooking, gardening, or fixing things without you having to micromanage the activities of the other ones besides your own. This allows you to meet the needs of several Sims at the same time. And since you can always hold events or end them whenever you like, or invite only select members of your club, you have total control over how many Sims are going to show up at your house and how much time you plan on spending with them.

I think the game also benefits from the new customization options for how your Sims spend their free time at cafés, pubs, nightclubs, and parties at remote locations. And of course another major plus is the gorgeous region of Windenburg itself. Of course, this still can’t really make up for the fact that you can’t move freely through the game world, which has been one of the most controversial things about The Sims 4 since it came out. While you can easily explore certain larger areas like downtown Windenburg, for example, that old familiar load screen shows up every time you try to enter a building. If you try to walk onto the grounds of a café and have to deal with a load screen, it kind of breaks the immersion experience, no matter how much the developers have tried to make up for this by offering larger, more accessible areas. (Daniel Walter; translation by Chase Faucheux)

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