Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry (PC)

Pirate Atmosphere

TopWare Interactive and their in-house development studio Reality Pump have enjoyed an excellent reputation among RPG fans for many years, particularly with their games set in the Two Worlds universe. The whole Caribbean pirate theme appeared to be an interesting new direction to head in, and at gamescom 2011, they announced Raven’s Cry, an RPG focusing on pirate captain Christopher Raven’s quest for revenge. Unfortunately, the project seemed to be ill-starred from the beginning, and after changing developers halfway through the process, the end product could have been described as a diamond in the rough at best. Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry is the developers’ attempt at a “Raven’s Cry 2.0” of sorts, a total overhaul of the original game. We’ve had a chance to play the new game, so keep reading to find out if they’ve been able to make this rock shine, or if the flaws are just too deep to cut and polish away. Whatever the case, the good news for fans who purchased Raven’s Cry earlier this year is that they'll be receiving a copy of the new game absolutely free of charge.


Players accompany the protagonist Christopher Raven as he attempts to bring closure to the tragic events of his youth, when his parents were slain before his eyes. Christopher watched helplessly as the killers abused and murdered his family, leaving the boy alive as an eyewitness to their handiwork so that their “fame” might increase throughout the region. And to ensure that he would remember that day forever, they cut off his left hand. Christopher was fortunate enough to be rescued by a Maroon named Marcus who happened upon the scene. Having rescued the boy from an uncertain fate, Marcus decided to raise the boy as his own. However, due to the harrowing events of his youth that had scarred him for life, Christopher didn’t exactly turn out to be a boy scout. And the hook that now replaced his hand didn’t make life any easier for him. Possessed by the demons of revenge, Christopher is a true anti-hero. His actions and the decisions he makes are often somewhere between dubious and horrifying, though wherever they fall along that spectrum, they could hardly ever be considered morally sound. Raven’s grim way of life is how he earns the respect of his fellow (in)human beings, including his own crew. Christopher Raven is no Disney pirate with a rough exterior and a heart of gold. When this captain smiles, he chills people to the core, even in the tropics where it’s 100 degrees in the shade.

Vendetta gets right to the point – RPG fans don’t have to watch what feels like a two-hour movie before they get to start clicking the mouse. There are cut scenes to help advance the storyline, but they’re never too long, and the HD videos represent computer gaming graphics at their finest. Almost all the islands in the game world can be explored from the very beginning, and Captain Raven is all too happy to help when he runs across a ship’s crew early in the game who are looking to be rid of their sadistic captain. It doesn’t hurt that he stands to get a new ship out of the deal. Players also have the option to avoid fighting for a new ship by borrowing some money from a loan shark, but no matter how you go about acquiring your vessel, you’ll soon be letting your pirate flag fly. Sooner or later, you’ll run into a trade cog that happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time – your first of many seaborne battles to come. Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry doesn’t waste your time with long-winded explanations or making you play forever and mess with a hundred skill trees before you’re able to use a weapon properly. It gets right the point and throws you in at the deep end.


Cloak and Dagger

The plot begins with an adult Christopher Raven, who’s grown up to be a pirate, though he’s never lost sight of his ultimate goal in life – to get his revenge on the men who murdered his family. Players control Raven as he goes on classic pirate raids, hunts for treasure, or engages in trade – some legal goods, some illegal ones; cotton, coffee, spices, cannabis, cannonballs, tobacco, etc. The value of each trade good is determined by supply and demand, which can change throughout the course of the game. Prices also depend on location, and it can really pay off if you get the right goods to the right place at the right time. This commercial island-hopping is also integrated into some of the quests. One questline features a French governor who’s really been slacking on his daughter’s wedding preparations – half of the materials he needs are still unaccounted for, and he needs Christopher to supply him with the goods.

The open world of Vendetta allows Christopher Raven to seek out jobs to earn the Gold he desperately needs to carry out his plans for revenge. For instance, you’re going to have to buy better and better ships, outfit them with various upgrades, and man them with a decent crew. Along the way you’ll also meet specially trained individuals you can hire to help you with your engagements out on the high seas. Throughout the game, a variety of different sailing vessels will come into your possession, which you’ll need to engage in combat with the other denizens of the Caribbean. One peculiar element of Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry is the raven that accompanies Christopher on his journey, adding an air of mystery to the game, revealing his secrets only gradually. This feathered friend serves his vengeful master in combat and acts as an advance scout for him; they also have something in common – a love of shiny things. The raven is kind enough to relieve other people of their valuables for the player, easily netting Captain Raven a few hundred Reals (the historic in-game currency). He gets better at it the more you level him up, so make sure to upgrade this skill from the start.

Classic elements like real-time combat, gathering items, and completing quests are the meat and potatoes of any third-person RPG. Christopher can run, jump, sneak, climb, and of course, swim. The game’s complexity means that you’re going to have to set a few of the commands yourself in the options menu, though it’s not overwhelming either – in the right place, action sequences like hook attacks can be carried out automatically.

Man-to-man combat is actually pretty simple overall. Attack, alternative attack, and parry are the basics of sword fighting. On top of that are dirty tricks, like one where you take opponents off their feet using your hook hand. There’s a “Terror Meter” that fills up as you fight, and when it’s full you can unleash a vicious attack that devastates your foes. You can also sic your raven on your enemies to disorient them, allowing them to fall victim to your sword that much more easily. And then there are pistols you can fire for a ranged attack. Health slowly regenerates on its own, but you can also replenish it by drinking potions. Christopher Raven is able to make short work of most of the problems and misunderstandings he encounters, and there are lots of opportunities to thin out the various pirate nests a bit and maybe bring the rents down. If you ever get tired of fighting, you can also sneak past your enemies, though this is seldom necessary. Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry is no stealth game, as no sea dog worth his salt is afraid to fight for his life face to face with his enemies. On the whole, combat looks really good, and the movements are smooth and fluid.


The World of Vendetta: Landlubbers and Sea Dogs

If you’re not engaged in combat out on the high seas, the drier parts of the game are just as gorgeous in every way. The game world itself appears to come alive, thanks in no small part to Vendetta’s state-of-the-art graphics engine. St. Lucia has an authentic Caribbean flair and all that comes with it. Palm trees and parrots are as common a sight as the victims of last night’s rum benders. It’s really a beautiful world (or maybe not): drunken pirates, beggars, and prostitutes just about everywhere you look – it’s a hard-working life for the less fortunate elements of society. Craftsmen and merchants go about their daily business, hammering sawing, and tinkering about. The townsfolk themselves are a bit on the quiet side, unfortunately, but there are all manner of birds that make a hell of a racket. Every corner of the game features a high level of detail, and the weather effects and day/night cycle in particular are really well done. Lots of the incredibly detailed homes and other buildings are permanently locked, however; in a world like this who wouldn’t leave their doors locked at all times? Nevertheless, it can get annoying to be told time and again that you can’t enter, especially when it’s a large building that looks like it should be open to the public.

Your first stop in any new city is typically going to be the local tavern. This is where you can get caught up on the latest rumors, meet experienced seamen looking for work, pick up a job or two of your own, or shoot the breeze with all kinds of shady characters. Live music and gambling round out the whole “seedy bar” experience. And speaking of music, the soundtrack in Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry is really well done, lending the dark adventure an air of epic fantasy that’s a little reminiscent of the work of film composer Howard Shore. And then there’s Roberto Blanco, legendary Afro-Caribbean folk musician (he’s really popular in Europe, where the game was made), who lends his voice to various street musicians that seem to haunt the alleyways.

For pirates, the town brothel is just as important a location as the local tavern. Here, you can share a bower with a working girl, or maintain old friendships, if you’re lucky enough to have friends. On your way through the alleyways you’ll often bump into people, most of whom will gently excuse themselves, though others will threaten to disembowel you right on the spot. Most of the time you won’t get attacked, though, even if it’s not quite accidental. You better think long and hard before you decide to “bump” someone with your sword, though. If you attack the soldiers of one of the factions without provocation, your reputation with that faction will take a major hit, and you can quickly become a wanted man. Unfortunately some of the civilian NPCs seem to be blind in both eyes, and will stand idly by even if someone bites the dust right in front of them. On the other hand there’s this Kafkaesque phenomenon where everyone seems to know everyone else, and you can always hear them whispering behind your back. Nevertheless, for all its grim seriousness, Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry features its fair share of twisted humor, and sometimes it’s enough to make you laugh out loud.

In addition to the larger towns there are also several smaller locations to visit, all designed with a colonial style appropriate to the time period. If Christopher ever grows weary of life in the city, you can always take him out on safari in the nearby jungle. The forest is populated by dangerous natives who don’t appreciate it when pirates come snooping around the gold-filled tombs of their ancestors. It’s best to try and sneak past these native and avoid unnecessarily nerve-racking battles with them, plundering their treasure troves deep in the jungle while spilling as little blood as possible. Of course you can also hack and slash to your heart’s content if you so choose. There are also lots of hungry animals lurking about in the jungle who can attack from their hiding places without warning. Searching for treasure is always worth the effort, though, and you should occasionally take some time off from the quests to do it, as it can significantly increase the amount of Reals in your coffers.

Hidden temples and caverns really add a lot to Vendetta’s mysterious pirate atmosphere. And what’s more, you can use Christopher’s hook on all manner of ropes and vines to cut down your travel time through the cities and jungles. There are hideouts and other secrets to discover, and it’s always worth your while to wander off the beaten path. The number of hidden treasures is unfortunately rather limited when you compare Vendetta with other recent games in the genre. But of course, after you’ve explored the entire West Indies and completed all the side missions, there’s always the main storyline to follow. Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry is closer to RPGs like the Risen series than say, Skyrim, as Vendetta's pirate theme is more realistic than an epic fantasy RPG. Nevertheless, Vendetta’s multiple branching questlines make it a rather unique experience with a high replay value – it even has two different endings. The creators claim that the game takes about 50 hours to play through in its entirety, and I can say that this is pretty much the case, even if you only play the main quests and take on very few side missions. But you can easily spend twice that much time just exploring the game’s gorgeous environments, completing the tons of sidequests available, trading goods, and plunging headlong into battle on the high seas.

Questionable Questing

Christopher Raven can pick up new quests in the game’s various cities and towns. The way you complete these quests can have a considerable impact on the course of the game, as the reputation you make for yourself will influence everything else. For instance, you can pick up a quest from one faction that sets you on a collision course with another one. If the other faction finds out you were involved, it will have a negative impact on your reputation with them, making it very difficult to move through their area of influence without being attacked. While your bad reputation won’t decrease on its own, there are ways to “work on” it. The quests range from the “bring me this and that” type to stealth operations to rescue missions.

But not everyone is so out in the open, and countless pitfalls await Christopher as he navigates treacherous waters. A healthy dose of skepticism is always a good idea, as it’s every man for himself in the dangerous world of the 18th-century West Indies. Time and again, you see the wisdom of the old saying “you can’t please everybody”, and sometimes the only thing left to do is run. Of course, a good pirate knows not just how to make enemies, but also how to get folks on his side – all it takes is a half-hearted promise of wealth. Most of the quests are more or less typical for this kind of game – collect some money for a loan shark, find a certain person, or off some poor soul. Nevertheless, variety is guaranteed in Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry, and you won’t feel like you’re being sent out for the hundredth time to clear an area of bandits. For example, one of the quests in the main storyline has you commanding the cannons of a coastal fortress against a seaborne attack. It’s through these diverse quests that you really get a feel for the depth of the atmosphere in Vendetta, which gradually unfolds as you make your way through the game.

Faction Action

There are lots of different factions in Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry. The three main colonial powers of the era, Spain, France, and England actively pursue conflicting strategic aims throughout the whole region. You will find them in certain towns and other areas in the Caribbean, where they come into contact and conflict with various pirate crews, including your own. There are also several smaller islands that don’t belong to any of the three factions, but are instead populated by pirates or natives. Agents working for all three of the great powers can be found almost anywhere, of course. Always ready to expand their own sphere of influence and keep their bothersome rivals in check, the factions often hire Captain Raven (unofficially of course) to do their dirty work for them. This will typically require Christopher to play along in order to get the most out of it that he can, always staying one step ahead of the rather daft governors, who’d rather devote their time to wine and women than politics. The free zones are primarily used for trade in illegal goods like marijuana. Loan sharks are another less than sympathetic faction, but they can loan Christopher the money he needs to upgrade his ship or buy a new one. But you’d better watch out if you ever decide to skimp on your payments, as they’ll react exactly how you’d expect them to. Another faction includes your fellow pirates – I shouldn’t even have to mention what happens if you ever run afoul of your own.


The inventory system is very well designed, and something other developers should take note of. Everything is organized and intuitive, and the icons clearly indicate the things they’re supposed to represent. The same goes for the skill tree – it’s full enough, but not cluttered, and you always know where to put your skill points when you level up. And leveling up is really important in Vendetta, as befits an RPG. The levelling system is a classic one based on earning experience points, which you get from completing quests, killing enemies, or sinking ships, among other actions. There are four main branches in the skill tree, with a total of 24 individual skills, including one with such names as “Luck o’ the Irish”.

Christopher can choose to work on his seafaring skills, make himself a more effective fighter or a better gambler, and even teach his mysterious avian companion new abilities. You can also learn quick-kills and other “dirty tricks”, or increase their effectiveness, or the chance to land a critical hit. Be careful not to overuse these moves, though – they typically have a certain cooldown time. There doesn’t appear to be a maximum level in this game, either, so you can keep climbing the skill tree. You can choose from two different difficulty levels at the beginning of the game.

The map fulfills its purpose without any bells and whistles. Important locations like merchants, shipwrights, or taverns are marked in color, and you can always always find your way back to your ship, even in the dark. NPCs don’t ever vanish into thin air, either. The Quest Menu fits in with the whole rustic style, with current quests that remain in focus while completed quests fade out. Quests belonging to the main storyline are sorted according to the chapter they belong to. Quests have a recommended level so you can decide whether you’re up to the challenge or not.

May the Devil Take Ye

The storyline gives you lots of reasons to clear the ship and set sail, and most of them revolve around sinking or capturing another ship. When you’re out at sea, the whole ship – including the crew – is under your command. The intense sea battles reward players with a detailed ship damage model, complete with masts that fall onto the deck, planks that shatter into smithereens, and whole crews sent to the bottom of the sea. The controls for steering the ship during combat are kept simple and natural; the only targeting aids a real pirate needs is a bit of grog, not any strange geometric shapes. If you’re fighting on calm seas, have enough ammunition (all four types), and your crew morale is high enough, it shouldn’t take more than a little bit of practice to start dominating your opponents. On the other hand, if you’re faced with rough seas, stormy weather, and low visibility, it’s going to be a different story. Aiming by sight isn't everybody's thing, and some of you are going to need a good bit of practice. The forces of nature can make the ship difficult to maneuver, and the pitch and roll of the waves can make aiming and hitting your target (almost) a matter of luck. Sometimes you’ll just have to accept the fact that all hope is lost, in which case flight is your only option. Should you manage to evade your pursuer, you can use the nautical map to find the nearest safe island.

But sometimes, when all your cannons are empty because your first mate once again forgot to pack enough cannonballs, it’s time to just bite the bullet and board the enemy vessel. Boarding is a hell of a lot of fun, and it’s also incredibly useful if you don’t want to leave the scene empty-handed – or with an empty cargo hold. Only a flawlessly executed boarding will get you any money or change your reputation with the various factions. If you’ve got more than enough ammo or you manage to score a critical hit, you can sink the ship before you get the chance to board it. In which case, tough luck, but your raven might be able to recover something or other.

This part of the game is rounded out by the variety of ship models available, most of which you’ll be able to man with your own crew at some point. Once you get your hands on a ship, you can ratchet up its performance, arm it with more powerful cannons, install a more solid mast, or hoist a (false) new flag to fool your enemies – and that’s just the beginning. You can also buy figureheads to bring you luck on your journeys, in the form of increased HP. But the most important thing to make sure you hire a decent crew. While you can head out to sea with a generic crew, things don’t really get interesting until you’ve got your own bosun, chief officer, carpenter, ship’s doctor, etc.

Each crewmember comes with his own advantages like decreased loading times for your cannons or better morale for your crew. A navigator allows you to avoid sea battles when you’re in a hurry to reach the next island. Your choice of crew members can also have a negative effect though, as there are two sides to every coin. A vertically challenged first officer won’t cut too deep into your budget, but your crew will see him as a harbinger of bad luck. The various ship types differ from one another in terms of qualities like load capacity, maneuverability, speed, and number of cannons, and ships have their own leveling system too. You can pay for the services of a shipwright to outfit your ship with new upgrades, or make repairs as needed. Your ship doesn’t just need to be able to sail from island to island and conduct trade, but some missions will require precise maneuvering between deadly rock faces to access a secret location. It’s possible to run aground, in which case the gig is up. And while wind power is free, lots of other things aren’t, and you will have to make sure your crew and officers are paid, with enough provisions to supply the whole journey. This means you’re going to have to think before you weigh anchor, and conduct (profitable) trade as often as possible.

But getting a good crew is only half the battle. For example, if a quest requires you to steal another ship’s cargo, success will depend on your ability to complete the mission quickly and with as few losses as possible. But if your crew is upset because a recent battle has made Poseidon richer by a few chests of gold, leaving them empty-handed, and they’ve seen little reward for their efforts, crew morale will sink to the depths of the Mariana Trench, and their work ethic will be right on its heels. A crew has to feel like they’re being led by a good and capable seaman. Tasks like reloading cannons or sailing will suddenly become less or a priority for them if you’re unable to maintain this impression, not matter what experts you’ve hired, making it a lot harder to win battles. You should also avoid taking too many hits from the enemy, as this will cripple your crew considerably. If things are going really badly, attacks can even kill crew members, which isn’t exactly going to have a positive effect on the survivors. And if you prove yourself to be a bumbling fool at the helm, the winds can start blowing in the direction of mutiny. But even the most ill-tempered and drunken crew member is not beyond earning the captain’s trust, and Vendetta offers lots of side quests that allow you to learn more about your companions’ background, though they’re not guaranteed to be any less sociopathic than the captain himself.

And in addition to the interesting gameplay and vicious combat out on the open seas that definitely count as some of the best parts of Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry, I can’t forget to mention that the ship combat graphics look more or less perfect.

Technical Stuff

If you check out the graphics settings, you’ll notice just how much the graphics are capable of – the game engine is state of the art and has no trouble measuring up against other current RPGs like The Witcher 3. It also supports DirectX 11. The engine itself is decently scalable, and it can be enjoyed even on somewhat older hardware. The built-in benchmark system helps you choose the right settings for your machine. I think the one thing the developers really need to work on is optimization for higher-end multi-GPU cards, as we noticed that Vendetta runs more slowly on a Geforce GTX 980 Ti than an older GTX 780.


The game is currently out for Windows, Linux/SteamOS, and Mac OS X. They’re still working in a version for the PlayStation 4 that should be coming out early next year. Registration is optional, and it’s only necessary for customer support requests. Still, it makes sense to register, as it will get you two free in-game items, and TopWare also promises a lifetime warranty.

The Digital Deluxe Edition features a bonus location with 60 minutes of additional gameplay, the digital artbook, all the pirate songs in the game (including lyrics and sheet music), and other exclusive content and images.


Daniel Walter:
TopWare is offering this new, overhauled version of Raven's Cry free to anyone who purchased the original, and players who were disappointed with the original can look forward to a mature pirate adventure that in its new incarnation can hold its own among genre giants like Risen 2. Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry is a good mix of action and RPG that offers exciting combat options and several opportunities for character development, which allows the game to appeal to a wide audience, especially among players who enjoyed pirate action titles like Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. (Daniel Walter)

Chase Faucheux:
It took a long, long time for this game to finally get made. But as they say, good things come to those who wait – and this applies to Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry more than almost any other recent title. I really enjoyed the various twists and turns taken by the plot, and I don't think I've ever played a game with such complex and branching quests. The sea battles are a bit tricky to get the hang of, but they're a hell of a lot of fun, and combat on land offers a good bit of variety too. With 24 different abilities, the skill system is manageable yet diverse, and the open-world setting ensures that there are many different paths to take to reach your goals. The music only adds to the immersive atmosphere. The way I see it, Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry might well be the best pirate game available today, with a great setting and gorgeous graphics.

Pirate Atmosphere

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Please Please give me this key please

2016-07-17 12:51:20... - Alex

Give me key

2016-07-16 16:30:26... - Hiss

Hey, I would love a key,

2016-07-16 14:18:10... - Fortuna

Give a key , please.

2016-07-15 14:00:35... - chronic

Hey, if you have any keys / spare keys and you don't mind giving one away may i have one?

Email :

2016-07-14 12:35:36... - Lupu

key Please

2016-07-13 11:30:35... - Lukas

Key Please

2016-07-12 11:37:54... - Zdru

cs go key?

2016-07-12 10:13:11... - carlos

minda a chave. key

2016-07-10 14:10:57... - Cătălin

please give me a key.

2016-07-10 12:39:33... - Ivan

2016-07-10 12:39:13... - Ivan

pls key thx

2016-07-10 11:10:41... - Яков

Pls Send me key Email))))

2016-07-10 07:52:47... - moha

i beg you for a key

2016-07-10 05:57:32... - kepek

please give key of this game sir.. i'll be appreciate this...

2016-07-10 04:13:45... - Randomly

Pls Send me key Email

2016-07-10 02:22:41... - Abaze

if you want to send me the key this is my email:


2016-07-10 00:07:50... - abdullah

Give me key plz

2016-07-10 00:07:14... - abdullah

Give me key plz

2016-07-09 23:54:57... - abdullah

Give me key plz

2016-07-09 23:21:24... - Juan

please key my email is

2016-07-09 20:49:32... - Fraser

can i have a key please thanks in advance email it to me at

2016-07-09 16:45:02... - Damian

Give me key plz Email:

2016-07-09 02:21:29... - Luke

Key please:

2016-07-09 01:51:36... - Amer

please key

2016-07-08 20:09:16... - Makkara

Give me key plz :

2016-07-07 21:02:37... - Grecu

key plzz

2016-07-07 18:28:45... - Sullivan

Give me key plz
Mail :

2016-06-25 09:32:46... - Виталий

key pls

2016-06-23 21:24:17... - Damien

Key Please:

2016-06-22 17:52:33... - Vlad Paul

key plz.

2016-06-19 21:17:25... - nadir

key plz

2016-06-17 23:55:36... - Витя

2016-06-17 23:54:43... - Витя

key please!!

2016-06-12 05:05:04... - Özgür

key please . I want it . please

2016-06-11 18:10:04... - dansssssssss

pls key

2016-05-28 23:37:27... - gabi

please man :)) Email :


2016-05-19 18:43:14... - Ilian


2016-05-19 00:53:44... - Maximo

key please-

2016-05-19 00:52:51... - Maximo

key please-

2016-05-19 00:51:49... - Maximo

please key

2016-05-16 16:29:23... - Tiganasu

Key please-

2016-05-16 01:30:23... - Luivis

1 key pls

2016-05-14 23:08:28... - Lix


2016-05-13 17:18:21... - Efe


2016-05-12 18:02:33... - Mouh

can i have key pls

2016-05-12 06:13:25... - David

give me key pls, i can play this game at full HD, mail

2016-05-11 21:54:35... - Nobody

Looks great ... *for the key *

2016-05-09 22:18:30... - Максим

Nice game. Gate me key please

2016-05-09 13:40:50... - eden

Can I get a key please

2016-05-08 14:56:41... - John

Can i have key please

2016-05-08 13:04:52... - Zach

Why did it copy my comments? Sorry

2016-05-08 13:04:14... - Zach

Email for key:
Sorry i didn't include this is my first comment.

2016-05-08 13:04:02... - Zach

Looks sweet need a key please!!!

2016-05-08 13:03:42... - Zach

Email for key:
Sorry i didn't include this is my first comment.

2016-05-08 13:02:32... - Zach

Looks sweet need a key please!!!

2016-05-07 18:25:23... - Devan

can i have key pls

2016-05-06 15:58:35... - Dominykas

please give me a key

2016-05-06 10:50:18... - Rafael

Nice Game

2016-05-06 08:00:31... - Ани


2016-05-05 22:49:50... - Öreg

Please ill need a key to:


2016-05-05 17:07:20... - Nick

Please Give me the key At

2016-05-05 10:08:36... - Roshan

:- key plz

2016-05-05 04:00:01... - Jamie

I would love a key please. looks awesome

2016-05-05 00:34:20... - koksinel

please give me key

2016-05-04 08:38:57... - Vlad

please give me key

2016-05-04 08:14:18... - Дмитрий

Please key;

2016-05-04 05:27:05... - Richard

please :3

2016-05-03 15:37:39... - André

Please Key:

2016-05-03 13:33:11... - Игорь

Please KeY :

2016-05-02 12:42:31... - Александр

15 people on the dead man's chest and a bottle of rum.

Please KeY :

2016-05-02 10:21:46... - Mrr

please key:

2016-05-02 09:09:55... - jose

Por favor

2016-05-02 04:57:36... - Mohd


2016-05-01 19:31:27... - Daniel

please key :

2016-05-01 18:31:57... - Ege

please key :

2016-05-01 17:45:35... - Robert

Plz send key:

2016-05-01 09:20:50... - Grzegorz

please key :)

2016-05-01 07:37:16... - Crazy

key please

2016-04-30 19:51:29... - Tincuta

key please

2016-04-30 16:58:52... - Ömerr

Please, Key Please :)

2016-04-30 15:12:22... - Szymon

plis key

2016-04-29 10:51:47... - Gramescu

key please!!

2016-04-29 10:49:00... - Gramescu

key please!!!

2016-04-28 19:28:40... - Valentins

Key please!!!!!!!

PLEASE SEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016-04-28 18:10:03... - andrei

key please!!!!!

2016-04-28 13:09:59... - Robert

key please thank you email

2016-04-28 13:01:27... - Mr

please one key:

2016-04-28 08:29:36... - Андрей

please one key:

2016-04-27 16:04:25... - Angeliel

please one key:

2016-04-27 03:48:50... - Jairo

please one key

2016-04-26 18:29:37... - efvdevfvb

Please key

2016-04-25 20:45:06... - ammar


2016-04-25 17:41:33... - nasser

please key

2016-04-25 13:47:06... - Kent

Key pls

2016-04-25 12:06:15... - rafael

maill me keys

2016-04-25 05:56:59... - Dmitriy

please key

2016-04-24 18:25:18... - FIT

please key

2016-04-24 15:55:46... - John

I would like a key

2016-04-24 13:25:56... - Alex

For this game and possibly gta 5 thanks

2016-04-24 13:25:06... - Alex

Can I have a code sent to

2016-04-24 00:32:30... - Zuhayr

can I please have a code. I just got a new pc and wanted some good games on it >

2016-04-23 19:45:37... - Prashant

Can I have a key for Vendetta: Curse of Raven's Cry

2016-04-23 16:13:46... - TheShadowMC

please key:

2016-04-23 13:08:55... - Robert

please key

2016-04-23 09:19:24... - Alexandru


2016-04-23 06:58:18... - Михаил

please key:

2016-04-23 06:13:12... - Apple

key please

2016-04-22 23:17:43... - Jack

I Would Like A Key Because I Do YT

2016-04-22 15:16:51... - Sneggg

I wanna key too

2016-04-22 11:08:08... - Мико

please give me a key!!

2016-04-21 23:45:01... - Zuhayr

key plz to THX :D

2016-04-21 22:03:18... - J.


2016-04-21 19:32:21... - Valy10

give me please key

2016-04-20 21:02:40... - Đức

GA me a key if u can, email:

2016-04-20 10:26:01... - Gdh

give me please key

2016-04-19 15:27:59... - Max

can you give me a key plz my mail is

2016-04-17 21:08:43... - rafael

send me keys for me to review the game thanks

2016-04-17 14:56:33... - Vito

My email:
Please give me a key!

2016-04-16 18:37:19... - Darko

key please please please i want this game so much

2016-04-13 20:59:53... - Leo

Give me a key , please!
My skype : lemongrass-lg

2016-04-13 20:59:18... - Leo

Give me a key , please!
My skype: lemongras-lg

2016-04-13 19:36:36... - Santiago

Plig Give me a key D': My mail:

2016-04-13 13:47:13... - Igor

Give me a key,

2016-04-12 13:49:32... - cassidy

2016-04-11 11:57:14... - Pig

Key Please

2016-04-10 09:55:05... - FrukoSK

Give me key plese is best

2016-04-10 09:47:19... - Alexis

Key PLS !! :

2016-04-10 09:02:37... - Sevdjan

Please send a key... I'm a gamer!! I'm streaming on twitch and I need more games for streaming !! If you want to send me a key please on this email : !!! If you want to watch my streams come on twitch and search for Aethelthryth !

2016-04-09 20:12:10... - Dominik

pls key! :)

2016-04-09 16:17:55... - Crishtofer

Key pleas

2016-04-09 15:37:03... - Олег

key please

2016-04-09 13:22:15... - J.


2016-04-09 07:24:00... - Amy

Keys please :)

2016-04-01 19:42:18... - דוד

i really want that key (:

2016-04-01 10:00:00... - Andrei

2016-03-31 08:51:27... - Bruse

key please

2016-03-27 16:53:22... - Katastroffa

Key please

2016-03-27 16:50:05... - Katastroffa

Key please

2016-03-24 22:59:55... - Vlad

please give me key in my box - , or , , and i take videos from youtube

2016-03-24 11:59:51... - Lê

give me key.

2016-03-20 23:02:47... - Abayalde

por favor regalenme una key para mi cuenta.... muchas gracias

2016-03-20 17:04:35... - Jackie

is it possible to have a key? thanks
p.s.: love your site!

2016-03-20 05:44:41... - Pual

Give me a key, please:

2016-03-19 22:53:46... - Влад

Please give me key :3

2016-03-19 14:58:50... - abdullah

give me key pls becouse very good game

2016-03-19 04:23:56... - simon

key please

2016-03-19 03:38:54... - Kirito

plz give me key

2016-03-19 03:32:06... - 希


2016-03-18 21:26:41... - Sasa

plsplsplspls give me key

2016-03-18 20:15:01... - Sammy

i would pay for this game but i dont have the money

2016-03-18 19:49:27... - Mand

uhm please give me key i have no money and ill do a dance with a banana for it

2016-03-18 18:52:11... - Sammy

this game looks awsome!

2016-03-18 15:21:56... - Алексей

Key please

2016-03-18 12:46:49... - Gabriel

pls give me key!

2016-03-17 15:50:43... - bhl

i wanna try this game if that possible and ty for this website

2016-03-17 15:23:56... - Kerem

Please, give me key thanks

2016-03-17 12:14:53... - fabio

pls give me key!!

2016-03-17 12:06:28... - Gorge

Please, give me key Thanks

2016-03-16 15:18:48... - Olly

Please, give me key Thanks

2016-03-16 13:02:33... - Денис

Please give me key

2016-03-15 21:08:18... - fabio

give me key pls

2016-03-15 21:07:50... - fabio

give me key pls

2016-03-15 18:26:22... - lucian

Key plz :)

2016-03-15 06:04:52... - Raivis

Hi. Please give me a key to give it a trey. Looks great. Thanks.

2016-03-15 04:27:28... - danny

If the game is available to new players too as a gift ,I would like a key too as it looks good.

2016-03-15 03:13:30... - Семён

Plz give me key

2016-03-14 22:31:38... - Валера

please give me the key for this game please

2016-03-14 21:46:51... - Extezy

Please give me key of this game.
Пожалуйста, дайте мне ключ от этой игры .

2016-03-14 21:19:04... - Solomon

Key plz boss Thanks!

2016-03-14 19:16:18... - rudra

please give me the key for this game please thank you

thanks again

2016-03-14 18:51:01... - Vadim

Дайте мне ключ подалуйста

2016-03-14 14:42:38... - Preduna

Please give me key of this game.

2016-03-14 13:23:00... - Andrei

please give me one . Email :

2016-03-14 10:40:56... - RemsiNik

give me a key please!

2016-03-14 04:38:11... - Luis

plz give me key of this game

2016-03-13 20:02:17... - Kristian

key me plz

2016-03-13 18:59:24... - DAN12

key please

2016-03-13 18:37:00... - Артем

Please give me key of this game.

2016-03-13 18:35:55... - qwertyartem92

Please give me key of this game.

2016-03-13 17:49:25... - Vladimir

Please give me key

2016-03-13 17:22:58... - Joseph

key please

2016-03-13 16:53:50... - Yousef

can i please get a key my email is

2016-03-13 16:50:19... -

can i please get a key my email is

2016-03-13 13:52:38... - Vick

look like good

2016-03-10 15:58:24... - Serg

2016-03-10 15:54:27... - Serg

Здравствуйте,Пожалуйста, дайте мне ключ.моя почта

2016-03-06 20:41:11... - Sasha

pls key me, my mail

2016-03-02 15:33:26... - jonathan

can i please get a key my email is

2016-02-29 08:28:49... - declan

can i please have a key at

2016-02-23 15:27:08... - Bumba

key please

2016-02-21 12:05:42... - Antonella

give me key please

2016-02-16 23:01:02... - Manuel

give me key please

2016-02-16 21:09:27... - Bartek

Please give me key:

2016-02-14 15:47:51... - Antonio

really nice work

2016-02-11 17:32:34... - David

please give me key :)

2016-02-08 10:11:03... - denecs

Please give me a key :)

2016-02-05 20:59:33... - TheKein

Please give me a key :)

2016-02-05 15:16:31... - fref

I want to play this game, but i need a key. Solve my problem - give me a key.

2016-02-03 23:35:30... - Nestandardní

Please give me a key :)

2016-01-29 12:19:28... - Zakk

can i please have a key

2016-01-27 13:25:43... - Селим

Please give me

2016-01-27 11:09:20... - Makxm

Please give me key :

2016-01-27 05:37:20... - Redy

How much have you been paid by the developers?

2016-01-25 18:15:49... - Huzaifa

Please give me key:

2016-01-25 05:02:57... - daq

Please give me key.

2016-01-23 00:54:04... - Boomgame

key plz give me plz my gmail

2016-01-22 02:07:51... - dave

send me KEY

2016-01-16 21:39:30... - enes

2016-01-16 00:35:35... - Marco

2016-01-15 22:22:45... - dfghdfhdf

Send me KEY plz

2016-01-15 02:36:48... - dfhdf

Send me KEY plz

2016-01-14 11:32:38... - Viktirwq

Ребят дайте ключ пожалуста

2016-01-11 08:05:14... - Solocool

i don't have money for one please key:::((

2016-01-09 14:25:12... - Bert

2016-01-09 14:24:56... - John

Can u give me the Key i don't have any money to buy some :'( :(

2016-01-09 08:34:31... - Adrian

Will be added steam wallet codes?

2016-01-08 12:35:14... - Lucy

I would love a key:
But I dunno if I am allowed to ask I just see every one do it... Sorry if I am not allowed?

2016-01-08 11:25:01... - Gamer

Key please!!!

2016-01-07 23:44:54... - enes


2016-01-07 23:38:57... - turkeyairplane

give key

2016-01-07 20:24:12... - jonas


2016-01-07 18:33:42... - Louga

please give me key.

2016-01-06 22:39:02... - Lucien

Hey. I have a question. How does it feel to be a totally souless website that can't get any decent hits on its own so instead all you do is suck off clearly undeserving developers in exchange for keys very similar to how a small town cum guzzling whore has to suck off her dealer in the big city for a few shards of meth? She knows he's bad news and his product is bad for her, but she pretends to like it anyway. I bet he doesn't eat pineapple either, just a ton of asparagus so it's extra nasty when he hate-fucks her gums.

I admit you have guts declaring the names of your authors, because if I had written something that was so clearly an under the table quickie tug I would have used a sockpuppet or something. Anyway please give me a key, I'm pretty desperate to have other people buy video games for me no matter what snake oil you're peddling. You can reach me at BTW are you guys hiring? I would like to write for this site too.

2016-01-06 08:48:42... - Никита

Please give me key -

2016-01-05 15:25:56... - Fedor

Please give me key.
Please give me key.
Please give me key.
Please give me key.
Please give me key.
Please give me key.
Please give me key.

2016-01-05 15:24:55... - Fedor

Please give me key.

2016-01-05 14:01:42... - ahmet

pls give me this key

2016-01-05 12:34:40... - George

This would be a great game to play..

2016-01-05 04:44:08... - Korbyn

Can you give me just any random popular game key please you guys are awesome i have got so many games of here i love them all


2016-01-04 15:01:32... - makak

2016-01-04 13:24:21... - Marius

2016-01-04 13:07:41... - Cihan

2016-01-04 01:12:16... - Calvin


2016-01-03 22:25:30... - osher

Please give the key. Pleasee.
The game looks simply awesome!

2016-01-03 16:53:27... - Halil

give the key please

2016-01-03 16:52:46... - Halil

Please Give Me Gta 5 key

2016-01-03 07:49:29... - Shae

I would like to test this game or cs go
thanks in advance

2016-01-03 00:25:44... - Nemanja

Please give me some keys, maybe for Gta V or CS:GO or assasin...


2016-01-02 20:19:16... - Hans

I would like a key and test this to

2016-01-02 14:30:59... - Kadir

Please Give Me cs go key

2016-01-02 12:49:45... - Daniel

Please give me a steam key

2016-01-01 21:35:29... - Sasha

Give me key pls

2016-01-01 15:06:07... - petrariu

give me a key please.

2016-01-01 11:57:14... - Filip

please send me code:

2016-01-01 02:39:09... - Samuel

please any key for me ? mail:

2015-12-31 16:27:05... - Alpha

It's look awesome!
Give me a key please:(

2015-12-31 10:39:37... - Vi

I will try as hard as possible to buy this game. But yes, a gift would make me very happy to receive it. :X
My email :

2015-12-31 02:46:51... - Fedor

Please give me key.

2015-12-31 00:37:01... - Anton

give the key please. my email

2015-12-31 00:16:31... - Mikkel


2015-12-30 16:11:11... - goh

Please give me keys............

2015-12-30 15:35:32... - Haise

Would like to have that game, amazing if you put keys for it, if not send it to emails :)

2015-12-30 14:46:52... - MoCreate

Key Pls !! :))

2015-12-30 10:56:17... - Max

Key plss

2015-12-30 10:51:30... - fdgod255

Pls key :)))

2015-12-30 00:08:41... - Sa

give me pls :)

2015-12-29 18:59:44... - afmakomfokwa

Please give me key of this game. I am in from many days.
My gmail id is

2015-12-29 16:42:39... - Marcos

Mi gmail -->

2015-12-28 23:58:48... - Anton

give the key please. my email

2015-12-28 23:11:35... - Anton

give me the key please.

2015-12-28 21:59:53... - Se

Please give the key =)

2015-12-28 14:29:31... - Yehor

give me key please)

2015-12-27 22:14:07... - Andy

I would like a key the game looks cool and u are the best guys
my gmail

2015-12-27 13:22:52... - Jack

Give me please key ^_^

2015-12-27 12:39:38... - Quang

give me a key pls

2015-12-27 09:42:43... - bahadır emre

wow its goog game

2015-12-27 09:39:05... - Nightmare Foxy

pls Key ok dlh

2015-12-27 09:37:33... - Nightmare Foxy

l love

2015-12-27 09:07:19... - Vitaly

дайте пожалуйста ключик на бету=)

2015-12-27 06:25:48... - Franco

Key please

2015-12-27 05:47:11... - Street

This game looks awesome.
Give me a Key and I will be a Beta Tester
(Iam Spanish if you want test translation)

2015-12-27 04:34:54... -

Give me a key pls!
This is Awesome game!
Marry Christmas!

2015-12-27 01:26:19... - Jean

Please give me key!! :D

2015-12-26 22:30:51... - Letek

Key pls

Marry Christmas!!

2015-12-26 21:25:07... - Tibor

Please key

2015-12-26 21:10:56... - Yoel

please gift me a key :c

2015-12-26 20:23:04... - Luis

I don't have any game :( please, gift me a key...

2015-12-26 16:21:29... - David

Awesome game please key!

2015-12-26 16:20:17... - Zhenya

Please key

2015-12-26 15:47:53... - Ivan

Please key

2015-12-26 13:51:45... - Ero


2015-12-26 12:00:08... - mmm

2015-12-26 11:23:38... - Lyyckz

Hello if it is possible I could get a key to this ( Awesome ) game I would be really happy, and if I can't get it then it is fine *cough* *cough* NO ITS NOT *cough*.

2015-12-26 11:08:19... - Alex

please key on

2015-12-26 04:35:18... - Uyra

plz key on
russian tester !gameerrrrrrrrrrrrr!

2015-12-25 22:00:38... - arek

key plz

2015-12-25 16:44:55... - Filip

send key

2015-12-25 14:59:18... - Ondra

plrase key

2015-12-25 13:46:30... - Josh

key please

2015-12-25 05:44:35... - Jasik

please a key

2015-12-25 05:04:08... - Jesse

please a key

2015-12-25 00:24:09... - luis

key please,

2015-12-23 18:53:59... - Darus

Key Please

2015-12-23 04:02:50... - Aliro

key please

2015-12-22 00:09:58... - daago

key plz

2015-12-21 20:23:27... - Efe

2015-12-21 18:24:22... - julian

Key pls...

2015-12-21 15:40:10... - kedamo

nice game i'd like to try it atleast my pc can handle it so its gonna be beast XD

2015-12-21 15:18:56... - Vanoosgamming

key pls

2015-12-21 15:04:08... - hgth

2015-12-21 13:13:49... - Huzaifa

can i have a key plzz i never win something

2015-12-21 12:36:42... - Pablo

key please my mail

2015-12-21 08:38:10... - Nikolai

Ключ пожалуйста

2015-12-21 02:06:32... - GamerPro095w

key please my mail

2015-12-21 02:04:31... - GamerPro095w

key please my mail

2015-12-21 00:03:25... - Adair

2015-12-20 20:35:45... -

2015-12-20 17:22:35... - Pablo

clave porfavor lo espero me encanta este juego

2015-12-20 15:59:35... - Robert

key please

2015-12-20 11:59:40... - Alex

i love game... Key please..

2015-12-20 01:56:24... - Nima

Would love this game :) Thanks if i get one :p

2015-12-19 19:20:56... - karolis

Please i realy need this game for son for xmas :))

2015-12-19 17:54:29... - Geo

2015-12-19 16:55:19... - yigit

Give key please!

2015-12-19 12:53:41... - Pavel

Give key please!

2015-12-19 09:26:35... - POLOVIKOV

key please

2015-12-18 21:44:09... - Petr

omg super game pls give me key :

2015-12-18 17:02:42... - Necrokita

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2015-12-18 14:41:47... - Bogdan

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2015-12-17 14:59:13... - Igor

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2015-12-17 14:49:51... - Stefan

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2015-12-17 14:41:17... - Kovács

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2015-12-17 11:48:18... - TOXAWAR

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2015-12-17 11:41:28... - NaSTIAA

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2015-12-16 23:11:58... - denecs

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2015-12-16 23:09:28... - Juan

NICE¡! Great game
Please give me a key :D

I would try it because I like it the work they do :D

2015-12-16 19:35:51... - Roma

key pls

2015-12-16 19:04:36... - Brike

WOW, amazing game ^_^
Someone can help me with one key please,

2015-12-16 03:00:00... - Tuan

key pls

2015-12-16 00:15:09... - nata


2015-12-15 21:06:48... - Brad

if i could please get a key its looks like a great game!!!

2015-12-15 19:23:51... - Pablek

give the key please!!

2015-12-15 19:21:19... - Esteban

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2015-12-15 17:24:44... - keks

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2015-12-15 13:35:26... - mack

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2015-12-15 12:40:42... - Reaksmey

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2015-12-15 10:45:17... - Kimi

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2015-12-15 04:46:17... - Ricsi

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2015-12-15 02:08:33... - Dinh Huu .

please key :D

2015-12-15 02:02:46... - cebolla

please key :D!

2015-12-15 01:54:53... - Lucian

i already work as a tester. I'd love to test this game too pls send me a key to

2015-12-15 00:16:53... - Azuki

Id love the key :) ty

2015-12-14 23:43:04... - Luka

2015-12-14 20:13:17... - 70denovo3


2015-12-14 19:45:02... - Josh

please send key ive been good santa
(Its not fake im just not creative)

2015-12-14 18:54:25... - anis

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2015-12-14 13:46:42... - kim

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2015-12-14 12:36:31... - Ilya

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2015-12-14 11:33:42... - Alexander

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2015-12-14 06:07:28... - Danilo


2015-12-14 05:42:35... - Rene

Hey, could you send me a key?

2015-12-14 02:17:04... - John

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2015-12-14 00:04:14... - Joker

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2015-12-13 17:27:31... - Andrea


2015-12-13 16:14:43... - greloco

i love these games i whant a key i can review it when i finish it :D

2015-12-13 00:48:03... - Maciek

Hey i would love to review this game looks stunning!

2015-12-13 00:45:38... - Dank

I need a key, beautiful game. Could also give you my opinion of it if I play :D

2015-12-12 22:56:13... - woww

Pls give me key pls

2015-12-12 22:48:18... - rex

2015-12-12 15:52:16... - OnurCan

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2015-12-12 14:59:23... - Ruckkehr

I want to be volunteer for the beta test

2015-12-12 11:46:49... - Printul

Nice game !!! I love this!!! Please give me key!! :D

2015-12-12 11:45:19... - AlyStryke

2015-12-12 06:24:48... - Aidan

I would like to have a key for this game.
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2015-12-12 02:43:17... - Chardonnet

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2015-12-12 01:33:34... - david

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2015-12-11 13:02:06... - Amantay

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2015-12-10 15:31:14... - Nikita

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2015-12-02 11:36:39... - Raizen

This is a review sold to TopWare in exchange for money, advertisement and free keys. Shame on you "reviewers".

2015-12-02 04:45:33... - oussamainter


2015-12-01 20:11:37... - Anti

Looks interesting, but stop shoving this down our throats please.

2015-12-01 11:48:10... - Stefan-Catalin

Looks interesting.

2015-11-30 22:19:38... - Ярослав

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2015-11-30 16:08:20... - dg


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