Cosy shopkeeping game Trash Goblin selected for Develop:Brighton’s Indie Showcase

Emanuela (09. July 2024 15:28 )
Cosy shopkeeping game Trash Goblin selected for Develop:Brighton’s Indie ShowcaseNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Cosy shopkeeping game Trash Goblin selected for Develop:Brighton's Indie Showcase
Updated demo to be featured on show floor
London, England – July 9th, 2024 – Indie game developer Spilt Milk Studios will be unveiling a new demo for their upcoming wholesome shopkeeping game Trash Goblin on Steam as part of Develop:Brighton's Indie Showcase, running between July 9th-11th. The updated demo will feature a never-before-seen quest for players to get their hands on, and will be an opportunity for attendees to discover the latest iteration of the cosy title. One of ten games shown at the event, Trash Goblin will be in the running for Indie Showcase Winner, and can also be voted for the People's Choice Award by those attending. 
Trash Goblin is a wholesome & cosy shopkeeping game with a twist! You play as a goblin who uncovers and restores trinkets! Find peculiar knickknacks by chipping away at the dirt and cruft they're embedded inside. Scrub them up nice and clean with your sponge to get them ready for sale. After all, one goblin's trash is another goblin's treasure!
Customise your newly replenished goods by combining trinkets together, upcycling them into strange and wonderful new items to meet the eccentric requests of your endless array of colourful customers. Get to know your audience so you can make custom pieces tailored around their likes and dislikes - which will fetch you even more money! 
Grow your business! Invest your savings to upgrade your shop, buy new and better tools that offer additional ways to restore your trinkets - making them even more valuable - and even expand your business to exciting new districts across town!
The full game will feature:
  • 180+ trinkets, accessories & variations to find, clean, repair and upcycle
  • 8 tools to use across 3 trinket-care minigames
  • 15+ NPC characters to get to know and sell to
  • 25+ quests
  • Endless customers
  • Endless gameplay
"We're over the moon that Trash Goblin has been selected to be a part of Develop:Brighton this year," said Spilt Milk Creative Director Andrew Smith. "Being chosen as one of only 10 games on the show floor is such fantastic validation for the team's hard work, plus it's some great exposure for our cheeky little Goblin game. We're also looking forward to seeing the reaction to the new quest featured in our updated demo - we think players will enjoy the new content, and watching them play it irl will be an unbeatable way to tell if we're hitting all the right notes!"

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