June Roundup For Nintendo Switch Casual Gamers

Emanuela (02. July 2024 13:01 )
June Roundup For Nintendo Switch Casual GamersNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Your June roundup for a collective of fun, casual titles you can get your hands-on for Nintendo Switch

Grab your casual fun and enjoy your time with the family

Sit back, relax, and have some casual fun with some of the most enjoyable casual games of June. Plenty of finding objects titles that offer a quality time with your family and loved ones. With some puzzles to engage in brain-boosting fun! Let's explore the best finding objects puzzle games that will keep you hooked and entertained.

Gallery of Things: Reveries


You're surely to love our first title if you're a fan of Dadaism art style. Gallery of Things Reveries offers you a wonderful hidden objects experience with captivating levels expressed through Dadaist art. The unique artistic blend of humans, nature and technology is going to captivate you! Gallery of Things: Reveries is more than just a search-and-find challenge; it's an artistic journey that captivates the mind and stirs the soul.

For all furball lovers out there, I love Finding Cats and Pups Collector's Edition is the right pick for you! Get ready for being overloaded with cuteness, try to find the hidden cats and pups throughout the level. Play new mini games, solve fun puzzles, and collect all the adorable cats and pups!

Jewel Match Atlantis Solitaire Collector's Edition


It's time to visit the amazing lost city of Atlantis! Jewel Match Atlantis Solitaire Collector's Edition.

Offers you an amazing experience to delve into depths of the mystical underwater realm, enjoy over 1000 levels and build stunning aquatic landscapes. Navigate through numerous quests to gather emeralds, employing game-altering power-ups across four different game modes: Normal, Hard, Relaxed, and Timed.

Regardless of your preferred play style, prepare to be enthralled by a soothing soundtrack, mesmerizing visuals, and captivating gameplay.

Just Find It 3 Collector's Edition


Challenge your perception with Just Find It 3 Collector's Edition. Just Find It 3 Collector's Edition offers you a set of challenges of finding hidden objects, making exciting matches, some memory challenges and puzzle solving!

So Much Stuff 3: Odds & Ends Collector's Edition


So Much Stuff 3: Odds & Ends Collector's Edition offers a very chill experience of finding hidden objects with your friends and family. you will sort through unique odds & ends! Feel the satisfaction of organizing and decluttering! You will also be able to experience a whole new set of mini games to keep you hooked.

Wintersea needs your aid, help defeating the spirit of ice and cold! Follow in your grandmother's footsteps, Dayona, to become a tamer of magical creatures. Venture through the dangerous expedition to prevent the kingdom from becoming a snowy grave after the sudden disappearance of the Fire Spirit and all of his servants. 

- Find all the Books of Spells to become a more powerful tamer!

- Collect the energy spheres to exchange them for the magical creatures!

- Gather all the magical amulets to protect yourself from evil spirits!

- Save the Spirit of Fire and restore peace in Wintersea in the Bonus Chapter!

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