onewinter games Unveils Tower Defense Roguelite ‘Terrorformer TD’

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Brooklyn's onewinter games Unveils Tower Defense Roguelite 'Terrorformer TD' in Steam Next Fest

Inspired by Custom Starcraft and Warcraft Maps, Defend Your Tower and Terraform the Battlefield to Funnel Your Enemies Into Perfect Killzones

Brooklyn, New York (June 11, 2024) — Solo developer indie studio onewinter games is proud to announce that its tower defense roguelite Terrorformer TD is featured in Steam Next Fest from now until June 17th with a playable demo!

Terrorformer TD is a tower defense roguelite where the map erodes and grows as the game progresses — but the player gets terraforming tools to shape it! Every round, the player fortifies their defenses to survive against waves of enemies; then cashes in at the shop for new towers, upgrades, and other rewards. Players gain XP and level up to unlock new abilities and components after each run, growing stronger the longer they play.

What began as a Master of Fine Arts thesis project quickly transformed into the pride and joy of solo developer TJ Cioffe of onewinter games, as he realized that this was a real opportunity to build upon previous tower defense staples and take the genre in his own direction. In doing so, Terrorformer TD has been carefully crafted to include all of the best elements of tower defense while adding its own twists, such as procedurally generated maps that can be terraformed, roguelike progression, online leaderboards, and weekly challenges.

"I've had a blast researching and testing what makes the best tower defense games so good," onewinter games solo developer TJ Cioffe stated. "It's a fascinating genre that stands between modern Vampire Survivors-likes and RTS classics like Starcraft that's spawning some really creative concepts lately. There's never been a more interesting time to be making a tower defense game and I'm excited to share Terrorformer TD with the world!"

The Steam Next Fest demo of Terrorformer TD adds 12 new enemy types (including 2 new bosses) for a total of 75 rounds' worth of planned enemy challenges. The number of maps available has been expanded to five, with two existing maps receiving a rework and two new maps added to the game.  Finally, extensive playtesting has led to optimizations in the mid-to-late game, resulting in nearly doubled performance when the map is filled with towers! 

Key Features of Terrorformer TD:

  • Terraform the Battlefield: Unlock new procedurally generated maps, each with unique terraforming opportunities and base-building strategies. Grow along with the dynamic battlefield and design the right defenses for each playthrough's challenges.

  • Assemble a Home Tower: Customize your Home Tower each run from the components you've unlocked, giving you access to special abilities, upgrades, and weapons! Earn dozens of permanent perks as you play and level up, increasing your survivability on each run.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Unlocks, upgrades, and map erosion are randomized every round, so each playthrough is different. Try your hand at a harder difficulty, or see how long you can last using the Weekly Challenge's loadout!

  • Take on Enemy Hordes: Counter enemy abilities like Fortify, Warp, and Disable Tower with 25 unique towers that earn XP and level up, growing stronger as the game goes on. Mix-and-match defenses to find the best combination for each enemy challenge.

The Terrorformer TD demo is out now on Steam, with the full game release planned for September 2024. To download the demo and wishlist Terrorformer TD, click here.

To stay up to date with onewinter games, follow them on X (Twitter), join the Discord server, visit the official website, and wishlist the game on Steam.


About onewinter games

onewinter games is an indie game studio specializing in strategy and simulation games based in Brooklyn and run by TJ Cioffe. TJ likes to joke that he learned math by counting rupees in the original NES Zelda; he's been into game design and programming ever since he got his hands on the original DOOM's level editor as a kid; and he's been itching to make a tower defense game since the genre first originated in Warcraft and Starcraft maps.  After spending his teens and twenties working in IT, he pivoted to game development in his mid-30s, heading back to school to get his MFA in Game Systems Design.  Now, he's excited to share his first published game with the world this fall!

To learn more about onewinter games, visit

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