Elise Blasts onto PS5 and Nintendo Switch

Emanuela (08. June 2024 12:15 )
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Elise Blasts onto PS5 and Nintendo Switch 

New features revealed ahead of Access-Ability Showcase participation

Burton-on-Trent, UK - 7th June 2024. Publisher Playtonic Friends and developer Knight Shift Games are excited to announce that alongside the PC via Steam, the highly anticipated rogue-like action platformer Elsie will also launch for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Console players will now be able to join the action and embrace the chaos when Elsie launches this summer. PC fans can add Elsie to their Wishlist and download the action-packed free demo now from Steam. Console players will be able to purchase Elsie via the PlayStation and Nintendo digital stores. 

YouTube Video.

Elsie is a technicolor, hyperkinetic, rogue-like action platformer filled with procedurally generated levels and an army of robots to blast through. Since the console announcement during the recent Guerrilla Collective Showcase, Elsie has continued to excite gamers with its action-packed gameplay and replayability options. Playtonic Friends has released a new console announcement gameplay trailer showcasing Elsie's two playable characters Elsie and Andru as they shoot their way through boisterous bots and biome Guardians! 

Along with this great news for console fans, Playtonic Friends is also thrilled to announce that Elsie will be participating in the Access-Ability Showcase on June 7th at 4pm BST/5pm CEST/11am EST/8am PST. During the showcase, the team will premiere a new trailer showcasing some of the features specifically added to make Elsie as accessible as possible to all players. These features include: 

  • Background Modulation - Blur or desaturate background for more visual clarity.

  • Font Size Modulation - Option to change the size of the font in game.

  • Screen Shake Option - Adjust the amount of screen shake you experience.

  • Outline Options - Ability to change the colour of the outlines for both player and enemies.

  • Invincibility - Turn off damage with Elsie's Invincibility mode.

  • Colourblind Modes - Elsie is an incredibly colourful game, so it has options to assist those with colour vision deficiency.

  • Additional Features - Option to adjust the timing required to correctly hit a parry and follow up with counter attacks as well as rumble strength modifiers.

Fans can watch the Access-Ability Showcase live on Twitch - Twitch.TV/LauraKBuzz and a YouTube Premiere on YouTube via Youtube.com/LauraKBuzz 


About Elsie

Welcome to the planet Ekis, a bountiful world filled with natural resources and scientific discovery! There is chaos amongst this wonder however, in a world awash with natural disasters. Our story begins with Dr Grey, a talented scientist who engineered a team of high-tech androids with the power to prevent these disasters. These Androids were known as ‘The Guardians’.

The Guardian’s true power lay in the Arclight Core, an energy source that allowed them to bend the elements to their will. The world rejoiced in a new age of peace and safety, but this peace was short-lived as one day, without warning or explanation, the Guardians disappeared.

As winds whipped, and seas surged a newfound threat quickly emerged as an army of robots laid siege to Dr Grey's home, the city of Neotoño.

Amidst the chaos and threat of more disasters, Dr Grey forged one final android...Elsie. Built like none before her, she must find the Guardians and save planet Ekis.

Take on the role of this female robot powerhouse and blast through hordes of robots to reach the guardians and save the day! Get ready to kick butt and protect the planet you call home!


  • Bullet Hell Ballet - Dash, dive, and shoot your way through stages filled with dynamic enemies, all while performing perfectly timed precision parrying.

  • Death is only the beginning - In this roguelike rollercoaster die and die and die again – but you’ll always get back on your feet to embrace the chaos.

  • Explore the technicolour Domains of Planet Ekis - Take a tour of Planet Ekis's vibrant neon-drenched biomes. With procedural generation leading to everchanging levels, each run presents unique challenges and enemies.

  • Augmented Action and Character Customization - Make strategic decisions on upgrades, skills, and weapons to drastically alter the dynamic of each run. Experiment with different playstyles for devastating synergies.

  • Challenge epic boss battles and conquer biome Guardians - Test your skills against boisterous bots, massive bosses and biome Guardians, memorising patterns to emerge victorious.

  • Master Melee Combat with a second player character - Join the fray with Andru, a melee-based character featuring unique augments, weapons, and abilities. Get up close and personal to bash baddies and bring the noise!

Elsie will launch for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch via digital stores in summer 2024. Fans can Wishlist Elsie on Steam now. 

Follow Elsie’s development journey on the Playtonic Friends on social media channels X / Facebook / YouTube / Instagram / Website



About Playtonic Friends

The studio that brought you Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, Playtonic launched their publishing arm, Playtonic Friends to be a helping hand to indie developers around the world. Established in February 2021 Playtonic Friends has helped bring incredible titles such as B.P.M, Demon Turf, Blossom Tales 2 and Lil Gator Game to wider audiences.

About Knight Shift Games

Knight Shift Games is an independent game studio based in Miami, FL, USA. We are dedicated to creating stylish games that reflect our core design values of breaking conventions, along with a hint of hardcore Hispanic spice.

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