QubicGames Treats Fans to 20 for 20 Anniversary Bundle

Emanuela (21. May 2024 13:09 )
QubicGames Treats Fans to 20 for 20 Anniversary BundleNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

From addictive puzzle adventures with millions of downloads worldwide like Hole.io to heart-pounding scares in Eyes: The Horror Game, there's something for everyone in this special anniversary line-up!

20 MAY 2024 - To celebrate its 20th anniversary, QubicGames is bringing a curated collection of its top titles on Steam. As a launch gift to players, there is even a 20 for 20 - Anniversary Bundle that will be heavily discounted to allow gamers to purchase their favorite titles at irresistible prices. Players who purchase the entire bundle at once will pay less than $20!

Prepare to swallow people whole in Hole.io, paint the map in your own colour in Paper.io 2, drop down a spiral staircase in Helix Jump, run away from the monster in Eyes: The Horror Game, perform bullet-time stunts in Johnny Trigger or... if that's not silly enough for you, you can help your little sausage friend survive the craziest obstacle courses in Run Sausage Run!

And that's just a small taste of the full collection of games included in the 20 for 20 - Anniversary Bundle celebrating the 20th Anniversary of QubicGames.

4x Steam Deck Giveaway

And if the huge bundle discount isn't good enough, QubicGames is also giving away 4 Steam Deck handheld devices, so four lucky winners can try out their games on the go! To participate, gamers can enter via the Gleam Contest. Good luck!

​Steam Page: store.steampowered.com/bundle/41441/20_for_20__Anniversary_Bundle

Check out the full list of games

Check out the full list of games in the 20 for 20 - Anniversary Bundle!


You play as black hole that swallows everything in front of you, whether it's garbage cans, fire hydrants or cars. Get large enough to consume even bigger objects or other players. Eat until nothing and no one is standing in your way!

Eyes: The Horror Game

You break into the mansion at night. It’s huge and built like a maze. You're trying to escape, but the monster is after you! The chase begins. RUN!!

Run Sausage Run

Talk about running... This is the most exciting sausage race in the world! Run for your life and avoid getting sliced, chopped, burned, or smashed in this adventure run game! Let the bodies hit the floor in a ketchup bath!

But that's just a small taste of the games available, here is the full list of titles in the 20 for 20 - Anniversary Bundle:

Hole io, Paper io 2, Mob Control, Golf Guys, Helix Jump, The Nom, Infantry Attack, Bucket Crusher, Sausage Wars, Amaze, Dig Deep, Astro Miner, Run Sausage Run, ASMR Slicing, Light It Up, Aquarium Land, Eyes: The Horror, Pocket Mini Golf 2, Johnny Trigger, Johnny Trigger: Sniper


QubicGames Publisher Page on Steam: store.steampowered.com/publisher/Qubic


About QubicGames

QubicGames is a leading publisher and developer in the gaming industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality. With a diverse portfolio spanning various platforms, the company has garnered acclaim for its captivating games that resonate with audiences worldwide. As it celebrates its 20th anniversary, QubicGames remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering unforgettable gaming experiences.

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