Adopt and Spoil Cute Critters in 'Super Kawaii Pets'

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Adopt and Spoil Cute Critters in 'Super Kawaii Pets'News  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Arcane Wonders Partners with Studio Supernova to Bring 'Super Kawaii Pets' to English Markets Worldwide

Super Kawaii Pets releases in retail stores on June 26

Sachse, Texas (May 14, 2024)Arcane Wonders, a renowned publisher of high-quality tabletop games, is pleased to announce their partnership with Studio Supernova to introduce the adorable card game Super Kawaii Pets to English-speaking audiences.

Super Kawaii Pets is a charming game that takes players into a whimsical world where they adopt and care for the most adorable pets imaginable. Developed by Studio Supernova, known for their innovative and imaginative game designs, Super Kawaii Pets has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its delightful artwork, accessible gameplay, and endearing themes.

"We are delighted to collaborate with Studio Supernova to bring Super Kawaii Pets to English-speaking markets," said Robert Geistlinger, President of Arcane Wonders. "The game's enchanting premise and accessible mechanics make it a perfect addition to our diverse lineup of tabletop games. We can't wait for players to enjoy the adorable world of Super Kawaii Pets in English."

In Super Kawaii Pets, players take on the role of prospective pet owners looking to adopt sad animals and make them happy by providing their furry friends with love, food, and medicine. Through a combination of card drafting, set collection, and strategic decision-making, players compete to earn the most points by nurturing their pets, decorating their living spaces, and fulfilling special requests.
Super Kawaii Pets will make its debut at the Arcane Wonders booth at Origins Game Fair where it will be available for demo and purchase. It will be available in retail stores on June 26, and is currently available to pre-order for $14.99 on the Arcane Wonders website.

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About Arcane Wonders, LLC

Based in Sasche, TX, Arcane Wonders is a publisher of critically acclaimed and high-quality tabletop games in the hobby game industry. In 2012, Arcane Wonders released Mage Wars to critical acclaim and has since published many successful expansions. In 2014, the company partnered with Tom Vasel from The Dice Tower to expand its catalog with the introduction of the Dice Tower Essential line of games, which now includes such hits as Onitama, Smartphone Inc., and Aquatica.

About Studio Supernova

Studio Supernova is an independent game development studio dedicated to creating imaginative and immersive gaming experiences that inspire creativity and joy. With a focus on innovative game design, captivating artwork, and engaging themes, Studio Supernova's games transport players to fantastical worlds filled with wonder and adventure. For more information, visit Studio Supernova's website.

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