Free Content in Sker Ritual Post-Launch Roadmap

Emanuela (04. May 2024 13:43 )
Free Content in Sker Ritual Post-Launch RoadmapNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Check Out the Sker Ritual Post-Launch Roadmap Following Top Sellers Launch Success

The Sker Ritual Post-Launch Roadmap is here! What have you got to look forward to? Well, there's two FREE content updates that will feature: a new map, a new standard and special weapon, new perks, a new Hardcore Easter Egg and Easter Egg music! Plus, PlayStation 5 players rejoice as we're working on that cross-play!

Sker Ritual has been flying high on the gaming charts for launch week. Reaching the paid top 2 on Steam, top 5 on Xbox and top 10 on PlayStation, rubbing shoulders with some giants of the games industry. Not only that, we're proud to reveal the Steam User Rating is hitting all new highs at 86% recent and 84% overall ????

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