ALRUNA and the NECRO-INDUSTRIALISTS is coming to Steam

Emanuela (11. April 2024 14:34 )
ALRUNA and the NECRO-INDUSTRIALISTS  is coming to SteamNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

is coming to Steam

Göteborg, Sweden – April 10, 2024 – Swedish solo developer embraces non-linear level design and sequence-breaking, with old-school, pixel-art metroidvania. Play the bosses out of order, why don't you? Spawn your own Climbing Vines and sneak past difficult puzzles. Find a fifth secret temple in the east. Skip picking up any weapon and get by using only special abilities. Is it possible? Who knows!

Alruna is a dryad in a dying world – a spirit of life in the land of the dead. The earth is sucked dry. There is only The Sprawl. Poor, bedraggled skele-men dot the Wasteland of the Necro-Industrialists and shuffle endlessly back and forth in a toiling mockery of life. But are they the real enemy? Or do the skeletons suffer just as much as the dryads under the domination of the Necro-Industrialists?

Dead men yearn for Heaven. But the dead can only dig ...

After a popular demo on Steam's Next Fest in February, developer Niklas Hallin has consolidated the feedback and created a new update for the demo-version. The update includes even tighter and snappier controls, a brand new crouch-attack, and more options for button layouts on the gamepad, among other things.


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About Niklas Hallin

Niklas Hallin is a solo indie game developer from Göteborg, Sweden. In 2017 he released Yono and the Celestial Elephants, a Zelda-like adventure about a young and naive elephant god. The contemplative themes and detailed puzzle-design then carried over into his next game, Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit (2023), a game about a teenage medusa who accidentally turns everyone around her to stone.

About Burning Planet

ALRUNA's heavy 8-bit soundtrack is provided by Burning Planet. What began as "Burning Planet Music" in 2015, a music production company for games, has now expanded into an in-your-face, punk driven game publisher – "Burning Planet Digital". As a publisher, we approach an indie game as if it was a band.

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