Inkbound 1.0 Launches Today - From Monster Train’s Shiny Shoe

Emanuela (10. April 2024 10:43 )
Inkbound 1.0 Launches Today - From Monster Train’s Shiny ShoeNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People


Monster Train creators bring Inkbound out of Early Access

Major update includes new questline, controller support, and much more


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 9, 2024Shiny Shoe's new tactical roguelike Inkbound is officially out today on Steam, nearly a year after its successful launch on Early Access. The 1.0 release includes an all-new narrative questline with full English voiceover, controller support, and many other community-requested features and enhancements. Inkbound is now available for $29.99, which includes its new Rise of the Unbound update.

"Our team invited players to join us early in Inkbound's development, and we're fortunate that so many great people took us up on the offer." says Shiny Shoe Founder and CEO Mark Cooke. "We received a lot of feedback during our time in Early Access and we took it to heart. Inkbound is what it is today because of our player community and the team's willingness to listen."

Inkbound's 1.0 release includes a host of new features and enhancements to its ever-expanding world. Here are some of the the highlights:

  • Epic New Questline, Complete with a Final Boss: Inkbound 1.0 includes the latest content drop, Rise of the Unbound, featuring new challenges and unlocks. This new narrative culminates with an epic showdown against the villain behind Inkbound's unraveling world.

  • Full Controller Support: The fans have spoken! Inkbound's 1.0 launch includes complete controller support – perfect for on-the-couch play.

  • Improved Steam Deck Experience: Inkbound supports online co-op play, but full offline play is also supported – perfect for Steam Deck players when they're out on the road.

  • Localization: We're adding localization to the game for the first time. The 1.0 release includes full localization in Chinese, Japanese, German, and French.

  • Narrative Enhancements: Inkbound 1.0 puts a spotlight on the game's story with all-new cutscenes and a reworked narrative throughline. Progression is faster and more impactful, telling an immersive tale like never before with full English voiceover. 

  • Big Under-the-Hood Tweaks: A variety of improvements and enhancements are being added to Inkbound to fully mark its graduation from Early Access. These include a deep editing pass to ensure that that text is consistent throughout; quality-of-life updates; and player-requested balancing adjustments designed to keep Inkbound challenging over the long haul.

"It's been a long journey, but I couldn't be happier with where Inkbound is today," says Andrew Krausnick, creative director at Shiny Shoe. "The Inkbound that players can experience today is the culmination of a lot of hard work and passion. We've added new classes and items, made the narrative more cohesive and engaging, and adjusted balance and other gameplay elements based on player feedback. I'm excited to hear what new and returning players have to say about Inkbound 1.0."


Inkbound launched in Steam Early Access in May 2023, and the team at Shiny Shoe has regularly released new updates and new content drops based on community feedback, including the massive Starship of Terrors launch. Check out our official Inkbound website and Steam blog for regular updates, and be sure to join our Discord server. It's a great place to meet your fellow adventurers, party up, and share your feedback and suggestions directly with the development team.



Shiny Shoe is the studio behind the highly acclaimed strategy roguelike Monster Train. Their mission is to make games with fantastic player experiences and polish. Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, Shiny Shoe is developing and self-publishing Inkbound, an online co-op roguelike RPG, which launched on Steam Early Access on May 22, 2023.

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