Arise, Brave Warrior, and Claim Your Place in the Legendary Halls of Valhalla

Emanuela (10. April 2024 00:23 )
Arise, Brave Warrior, and Claim Your Place in the Legendary Halls of ValhallaNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Arise, Brave Warrior, and Claim Your Place in the Legendary Halls of Valhalla. Grindstone Announces Jötunnslayer: Hordes of Hel for PC 

Games Farm’s roguelike horde-survivor explores the dark Viking underworld. 

Košice, Slovak Republic - 9th April 2024. Global indie publisher Grindstone and developer Games Farm are thrilled to announce Jötunnslayer: Hordes of Hel, the thrilling new rogulike horde-survivor game set in the dark realms of Norse mythology. Coming to PC via Steam Early Access this autumn, Jötunnslayer: Hordes of Hel pits you against waves of horrific creatures to earn the divine blessings of ancient Norse Gods in epic battles deep in hostile realms. Grindstone is excited to announce that a playable demo for Jötunnslayer: Hordes of Hel will be coming to Steam in May. 

We are thrilled to announce Jötunnslayer: Hordes of Hel and to be working with the talented team at Games Farm.” commented Peter Nagy, CEO at Grindstone. “With Games Farm’s proven track record in creating immersive and challenging game worlds, we are excited to introduce players to this brutal horde-survival experience.


About Jötunnslayer Hordes of Hel.

Embark on a hazardous quest through the dark realms of Norse mythology in this gripping roguelike horde arena survival game, boasting cutting-edge graphics and an immersive story arc. Select a fallen soul condemned to suffer in Helheim and wield your blade against legions of foes in a relentless quest for redemption. In this desolate domain, divine blessings are scarce, earned only through the spilling of rivers of blood. Navigate through the hostile realms of the Norse underworld, invoking mighty bosses through ancient rituals only to sever their heads in pursuit of salvation. 

Master your skills for the final exhilarating massacre of all enemies that stand before you!

Will you emerge as the chosen one, favoured by the Gods, and ascend to the legendary Halls of Valhalla? 


  • Engage in intense and adrenaline-fueled battles against relentless waves of enemies, all while under the pressure of time. Each encounter is a test of skill and reflexes as you fight to survive against overwhelming odds of the Norse underworld.

  • Embark on challenging tasks and missions within each run to test your abilities and add depth to your journey through Nine worlds. These quests may require you to complete specific objectives or overcome additional obstacles for greater rewards.

  • Progress and improve your character with meta-progression systems that offer unlockable perks and upgrades. As you continue to upgrade, you'll unlock new abilities, enhancements, and bonuses to customize your playstyle and enhance your chances of survival.

  • Choose from a variety of diverse characters, each with their own unique set of skills, abilities, and weapons. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect match for your playstyle and adapt to various challenges and scenarios encountered throughout the Hordes of Hel.

  • Confront powerful boss enemies that pose increasing levels of threat as you progress through the game. Employ strategic kiting tactics to outmanoeuvre and defeat these formidable foes, utilizing the environment and your skills to gain the upper hand and emerge victorious.

Jötunnslayer Hordes of Hel is developed by Games Farm and published by Grindstone and will be released for PC via Steam Early Access this autumn. Fans can Wishlist the game on Steam now. 

For more information, follow Jötunnslayer Hordes of Hel’s development journey on the official Discord channel. 



About Games Farm 

Games Farm is an independent game development studio with a team of more than 50 people, headquartered in Kosice, Slovakia. It specializes in developing premium cross-platform titles for PC and consoles with a portfolio of over 20 titles released to date. From a small unknown studio, Games Farm has evolved into a globally recognized RPG developer with renowned brands like the Heretic Kingdoms franchise and an ever-increasing roster of quality titles.

About Grindstone 

Grindstone is a videogame production and publishing company with a strong background in game development based in Slovakia. It was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the well-established Slovakian development studio Games Farm to create new opportunities and support game developers in delivering creatively and commercially viable games that can compete on global markets.

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