Ambitious Roguelite Shooter: ‘Riftstorm’ Announces Public Pre-Alpha Playtest

Emanuela (28. February 2024 16:37 )
Ambitious Roguelite Shooter: ‘Riftstorm’ Announces Public Pre-Alpha PlaytestNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Secret-Society-Themed Cooperative Roguelite Shooter: 'Riftstorm' Announces Public Pre-Alpha Playtest

Gamers request your access on Steam to join this special playtest!


Singapore, Singapore — February 28th, 2024Riftstorm development team, Mythic Alliance, is excited to announce a second and exciting pre-alpha playtest on March 8th 2024 at Pacific Standard Time.

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Building on the growing success of their first playtest in November 2023, the team has shifted focus to adding a greatly requested narrative layer, two new playable operatives, and one new mythic type.

Riftstorm with its distinguished presentation and fast and flowing action is a Roguelite Shooter featuring unique weapon skills, challenging dungeons and high-replayability for solo and co-op. Play as an elite secret operative against the unending threat of cosmic horrors.

Starting Point

The player will go through a short tutorial on how the controls work, then, after finishing the tutorial, they will go to the operative's base and can choose which mission they want to go through solo or co-op. The player can also choose from four operatives based on their specialty and choose their weapon loadout before going through the mission.


Cosmic Horror Meets Military Occult

Explosive action and some amazing  moves can be executed as you venture  into the realms of the unknown filled with myths and nightmares. In this universe, the creatures and things of myth and nightmare are called Mythics; and those who face them daily are the Operatives


Intense Multiplayer Roguelite Shooter

Take control by shooting, dodging, customizing each run to your strengths and choosing your preferred playstyle. Dominate the dungeon in an intense co-op roguelite shooter, master shooting, dodging and experience different challenges through procedurally generated dungeons. Create the best builds, experiment, and adapt.


Up to 3 Players Co-op PvE

Unite with allies in a more challenging and thrilling multiplayer dungeon through co-op gameplay. Work together and survive increasingly challenging encounters to earn the best loot.

Instant Action, Long-Term Mastery

Riftstorm seamlessly blends intense action, challenging gameplay, and skill mastery, allowing you to jump in and out of the action at your own pace as you build on your skills and reflexes to master the game.

In total, this new playtest it  will introduce:

  • 3 new Threat Levels (missions of varying difficulties)
  • 2 new Operatives: Hertz and Spraybot
  • 1 new Narrative Arc  
  • 1 new Mythic enemy type
  • 10 new weapons

Playtest access can be requested directly on Riftstorm Steam page.

Join forces in a co-op top-down action shooter in an elite secret operative filled with threats beyond the cosmos!


Riftstorm is available to wishlist on Steam, and the community-inspired media content will be shared on their social media channels and website.  


Riftstorm Steam Page:


Riftstorm on X:


Riftstorm Website:


About Mythic Alliance

Mythic Alliance is changing the way IP and universes are made by building a world-first: Collaborative Entertainment ecosystem that captures ideas, correlates actions toward consequence, and strives for an equitable relationship for all creators. To support this vision, Mythic Alliance will take on a game-first that will introduce gamers to the mythic underworld in exciting cooperative shooter combat, while also building a unified web platform that will allow creator input on a massive scale.

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