Fatshark Invites Players For A First Look At Versus In Their Closed Alpha Test

Emanuela (08. February 2024 17:13 )
Fatshark Invites Players For A First Look At Versus In Their Closed Alpha TestNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People


Players get their first chance playing as the enemy in Vemintide's upcoming new game mode

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, February 8, 2024. Today Fatshark launched their first closed alpha test for their new 4v4 player vs player plus enemy game mode.

Vermintide 2: Versus returns with a closed alpha test that allows players their first chance to play in Fatshark's new PvP+E game mode, with teams featuring the heroes from the beloved Ubersreik Five and Skaven specials.

"One of the things we've learned through our years of development is that our players deeply love and care for this game, and we want to learn from them and their feedback during this testing period," said Erik Ekström, Product Owner on Warhammer: Vermintide 2. "We're aiming to take a co-creation approach with our players, analyze their feedback, and take that into our development process as lessons learned."

Versus is an asymmetric 4v4 PvP+E game mode that pits the Ubersreik Five against AI enemies and up to 4 player-controlled Skaven specials. Teams switch sides, competing for points over multiple sections and rounds.

"The Versus game mode is definitely something that players familiar with the genre will recognize," said Joakim Setterberg, Design Director for Vermintide 2. "We want to honor our predecessor in this space while adding our own unique melee-oriented flair to it that most of our players recognize us for."

The closed alpha test runs on Steam from February 8 to February 11 for over 10,000 players who signed up for a chance to play during the call for testers signup period.

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