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Get Ready For The Highly Anticipated 6th Job Advancement And Much More

New Age: 6 is Here and Continues in December With New Age: Into the Abyss


LOS ANGELES – November 29, 2023 –MapleStory, Nexon's original free-to-play, side-scrolling 2D MMORPG, is thrilled to usher in a new era with the game's biggest update in years - New Age: 6 and New Age: Into the Abyss.

The New Age: 6 update began packed with a new reboot world, Hyper Burning and Burning World, a new main in-game event, and more:

  • Hyper Burning and Burning World - The Burning event returns to MapleStory. You can gain two extra levels for each level up in this Hyper Burning event to quickly reach Lv. 260 for the 6th Job advancement. The Burning World will become available and gives skills exclusive to this world as well as various rewards. Don't miss this chance to level up quickly through the Burning event!
  • Identisk Island Event  - Iden Island and Tisk Island have collided to form a new land mass with a mysterious consequence - the divine blessing over Iden Island has faded. In a limited-time event taking place throughout the winter, you can explore Identisk Island to seek out the blessing and earn a wealth of special rewards.
  • Updates:
    • Level Up Adjustments: Level up quickly at a speed never seen before with the adjusted EXP from Lv. 200 to Lv. 260! EXP adjustments were also made out of that range making it easier than before to hunt and level up.
    • Daily Quest Improvements: More EXP in Arcane River and Grandis Daily Quests.
    • Grandis Revamp: Lowered Sacred Power requirements and Boss entry level requirements.
    • The Special Skill Ring that was previously obtained from the Tower of Oz can now be gained through bosses. 

The 6th Job advancement is now available. Maple World and Grandis merged into one with the Convergence incident after the disappearance of the Black Mage. An immense energy broke out and a new power called "Sol Erda"  appeared as the Erda making up the two worlds mixed. Finding out how to control this new power is the start of the 6th Job advancement story. 

  • The 6th Job skills are managed through the Hexa Matrix which is separated into HEXA Skills and HEXA Stats. The Origin Skill obtained from the HEXA Skills boasts an impressive, powerful new cutscene.
  • The Mastery Node in HEXA Skills allows core skills from 4th Job or below to be enhanced one more time, and the Boost Node allows the performance of 5th Job skills to be enhanced. This will increase the combat experience of all characters to another level. 
  • The HEXA Stats allow you to obtain and enhance core in-game stats such as Boss Damage and Critical Damage. The powerful 6th Job advancement will allow you to get a clear feel of the character's growth. 

On December 13, MapleStory's New Age: Into the Abyss kicks off with war on the Battleship Arteria, an expedition into Minar, adventures in Carcion, and more. Stay tuned for more details.

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About MapleStory 

MapleStory is a popular side-scrolling MMORPG serviced globally including Korea. The Global service was released in May 2005, and with over 13 million registered players to date, this is the 18th year the game has been loved by players.

About Nexon America Inc. 

Founded in 2005, Nexon America Inc. delivers outstanding free-to-play online game expertise and live game support, taking the strengths of NEXON Co., Ltd. ("Nexon") and applying them to uniquely Western audiences. Nexon America has consistently sustained iconic franchises such as MapleStory and Mabinogi for more than a decade, which have gone on to break records and captivate players. With new projects on the horizon, Nexon America maintains the pioneering and innovative spirit of its parent company, employing its player-first approach, while designing the best possible gameplay experiences for the Western market.

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