Articy Software announces the launch of articy:draft X

Emanuela (29. November 2023 00:36 )
Articy Software announces the launch of articy:draft XNews  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

Articy Software announces the launch of articy:draft X, the definitive storytelling tool for game developers

The art of designing interactive stories has levelled up, and it’s a whopper!

BOCHUM, GERMANY — 28th  November , 2023 | Articy Software is proud to announce the launch of articy:draft X, the newest version of the articy:draft software series, which helped build games like Broken Roads, The Talos Principle 2, Hogwarts Legacy, Syberia: The World Before, Disco Elysium, Immortals of Aveum, Suzerain and many, many more.

articy:draft X, the successor of industry-acclaimed writing and narrative design software articy:draft 3, comes with highly requested new features designed to help writers and narrative designers create immersive, interactive stories with ease. More powerful than ever before, this is the new standard for the industry. It’s a literal game-changer.

Offering a wide range of tools for writing, planning, and narrative content management in a visual environment, articy:draft X gives creators the freedom to craft stories the way that works for them. New localization, voice-over and export features combined with the ability to see and shape story branches at will allows creativity to thrive. An entire world is waiting to be written, designed and born with articy:draft X.

“The launch of articy:draft X is only the beginning”, confirms the development team who are committed to providing software updates regularly. This new release will be followed by continuous improvements and feature updates that will support writers and developers for years to come.

But what is new to articy:draft? Check out the highlights in detail below:

  • Localization: This feature brings much-needed and highly requested toolsets to help creators get their content localized either directly in-app or externally using a dedicated export-import function. With all narrative content in one place it becomes much easier to manage project languages, provide context, match text with voice-over, track progress, export and import new or changed content to articy:draft and finally to the game engine.

  • Voice Over Support: Creators can now easily manage, localize and play Voice Over files directly in articy:draft

  • Simulation Mode: Once voice overs are in, copy can be localized and the story is shaping up, creators can test it all out in the upgraded Simulation Mode which now supports switching languages and automatic playback of attached voice over sound files.

  • AI Extensions: The new AI extensions allow writers and narrative designers the ability to access third party AI services in order to save time and use them directly within articy:draft X. With the use of third party AI services creators can craft AI supported barks and dialogues, generate preview images and use automatic DeepL translation directly in articy:draft.

  • Generic Engine Export: Complementing the acclaimed Unreal and Unity engine exports, this feature allows content created in articy:draft X to be exported to a creator’s own engine or to open-source engines, like Godot, for example. The Generic Engine Export is able to export assets together with JSON files, helping users collect all their narrative content for the engine of their choice.

But wait, there’s more!

It doesn’t stop with the launch. Further development of the existing features as well as all-new features are planned and a much awaited MAC version is in development and will be released as part of future updates. Follow Articy Software on X , Facebook and Linkedin to make sure you don’t miss out on any future updates!

With the understanding that interactive stories are complex by nature, articy:draft X aims to simplify this process and bring all narrative content in one easy to use and visual tool. 

For more information, please refer to the useful links below where you can hear first-hand from developers who have already benefited from using the software. 

Useful Links: 


About articy Software

articy Software GmbH is an innovative software developer empowering writers and narrative designers to unleash their creativity as they navigate the complexities of branching storylines and narrative content management. We believe the future of stories is interactive and aim to shape the way that interactive narrative experiences are created.

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