A Sneak Peak At The Walking Dead Season Finale!

Dean (13. April 2018 22:29 )
Link: WD
A Sneak Peak At The Walking Dead Season Finale!News  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

This season of the Walking Dead has been an emotional rollercoaster, as we had to finally say goodbye to Carl (although, luckily, we will never have to say goodbye to carl poppa). His memory lives on in his letters that he had written to everyone, even Negan ,which, he had hoped to stem the tide of war. However, that was not the case, as the last episode of the season is going to finally put an end to the war once and for all.

In the video which can be viewed below, we see Negan talking to Eugene as he is reporting that the order of bullets that he had requested has been paid in full. He also says that the rounds have been tested and ensured to high standards as he gives Negan a pistol to test a few rounds. He fires them off, there are no misfires, and we see that Negan trusts Eugene to hold Lucille during this exchange. As he finishes firing the rounds he takes Lucille back and asks Eugene if end the of the war (killing all Eugene's old friends) is something that he really wants to see. He replies that it is more of a "need to" thing, as he harbingers a deep hatred toward a group that once took him in and protected him.

All I can say is that I am really excited for the season finale and also looking forward to what happens with Morgan. For those that don’t know, Morgan is going over to Fear the Walking Dead, but the why of it will all be spelled out during this week's episode.

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