Yellow Bulldog's Pre-Black Friday Sale Is The Real Deal

Dean (17. November 2017 19:53 )
Yellow Bulldog's Pre-Black Friday Sale Is The Real DealNews - Lifestyle  |  DLH.NET The Gaming People

What do they have for sale?

You, my friend, are asking the wrong question.

What do you WANT? Cuz these guys have awesome things in every category that falls under the umbrella of "cool stuff".

"Well, do they have any Street Fighter Christmas sweaters?" 

"Yeah, like 15 different kinds with all characters. Spiderman, too."

"But, are there any Deadpool Christmas ornaments?" 

"Sure, other Marvel and DC characters too."

"What about Tekken T-shirts?" 

"They're 3 for 2. Order button is on the right."

"They got any of This stuff?"

"I feel like you aren't picking up on the pattern here."

Check out Yellow Bulldog's Pre-Black Friday sale. Its pretty sweet, and now I covet a bunch of things I didn't even know existed 5 minutes ago.You are going to go nuts.

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