In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen

With the Oxygen In-Ear ProGaming Headset, Ozone gives us a piece of hardware meant to live up to the high expectations of modern gamers – and it also looks like a good choice for mobile gamers on the go.


After taking the headset out of the box, the first things to catch my eye were the bold colors and the impressive design. The package comes with additional detachable earpieces, allowing a high degree of personalization that makes wearing the headset incredibly comfortable. The very fact that the earphones themselves are a bit larger than those on many other in-ear headsets currently on the market means that they are very good at blocking out ambient noise. I was impressed by the sound quality for phone calls and mobile games. The microphone is attached to the left wire, and I found it did a good job of picking up and carrying my own voice. A push-to-talk button on the back of the microphone allows you to take incoming calls on the headset, and it’s also very useful if you want to use it as a TeamSpeak headset. Unfortunately the position of the button is a bit inconvenient, especially in the middle of heated skirmishes, and it makes more sense to use a button on the keyboard assigned to this function. Of course, the headset can’t achieve the same sound quality as some of the more expensive ones out there; however, Ozone really surprised me here with the headset’s truly pleasant tone and clear sound transmission.


The headset comes with two adapter cables to plug into a PC or laptop. It’s a great option for phone calls and for listening to music – the sound quality is remarkable for just about any kind of music. On the other hand, the Oxygen headset is only of limited use for extended gaming sessions. The earpieces get a little uncomfortable after a while, and this is where the comfort offered by larger headsets comes to bear.


Our little test, based on my own subjective musical tastes, had the following results:


  • DMX, “Where the Hood At?”: The bass really bumps and the range of depth is astonishing.
  • AC/DC, “Back in Black”: The drums and the rhythm section really come out, but the high points of certain guitar tracks push the headset to its limits. 
  • Mozart, The Magic Flute, “Der Hölle Rache…” aria (Queen of the Night): Like with the awesome guitar rock brought to us by the gentlemen from Australia, a lot of the highs don’t really come out here. This piece doesn’t have a lot of bass to begin with, so the result is that the overall sound on this one is somewhat incomplete.
  • Hatebreed, “Destroy Everything” – With its deep, driving riffs, the headset didn’t show any weaknesses here at all, injecting all the song’s aggression directly into my ears.

Official Promotion Video



An in-ear headset for gaming? I was definitely pretty skeptical at first, but then the Ozone Oxygen really left me pleasantly surprised. While I’m not going to switch over to this headset on my PC, it’s really great for use with a laptop or a tablet. They also did a good job with the push-to-talk feature, and this makes it very useful for taking phone calls on the go. The sound quality when listening to music is really good too, and the headset will have its fans. For less than fifty bucks you get a well-made headset with really high-quality sound. Though I’ve got to say that I don’t see this headset as pure gaming hardware. But if you’re looking for a new headset for your smartphone or to carry around in your laptop bag, you can definitely count on this one. (Jörn K. Fahrbach; translated by Chase Faucheux)

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2016-12-29 07:09:48... - rasloaga

How i can get the test for
headset ?

2016-08-20 00:51:40... - Serega

Please send me one

2016-07-13 02:53:21... - Gor

The design looks actually pretty ''cool'' and made me interested in it, and as far as i've read about the information about it, it sounds good. I am pretty interested in it since it has a in-build microphone as far as i've read/heard.
Contact me if interested:

2016-07-04 20:24:19... - daemian

i usually test products. i hope you will colaborate with me ! mail :

2016-06-21 04:33:36... - Zotlon

i would like one my
email is

2016-05-28 23:06:14... - Cristopher

How i can get the headset ?

2014-06-14 15:33:55... - h


In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen - Bilder zum DLH.Net-Test
In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen - Bilder zum DLH.Net-Test
In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen - Bilder zum DLH.Net-Test
In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen - Bilder zum DLH.Net-Test
In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen - Bilder zum DLH.Net-Test
In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen - Bilder zum DLH.Net-Test
In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen - Bilder zum DLH.Net-Test
In-ear Headset Ozone Oxygen - Bilder zum DLH.Net-Test