House Of Golf'

Detlef (08. November 2019 11:35 )
Link: Trailer
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Welcome to the 'House Of Golf'! Arcade style golf title tees off exclusively on Nintendo Switch today
Perfect for friends or family gatherings this holiday season, challenge your nearest and dearest to a round of miniature crazy golf exclusively on Nintendo Switch
House Of Golf is an arcade style sports game with full 3D graphics, physics and easy pick-up and-play game mechanics that all the family will enjoy. Players will face fun and challenging holes across a variety of home based locations. As they progress through the game, holes become more devious and challenging.House Of Golf features:
* Easy to play game mechanics
* Real Physics at 60FPS
* 135 Levels set across 5 locations

* 1-6 Player Couch Play
* Large selection of unlockables


House Of Golf
(08. November 2019 11:35:00 )
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