Resident Evil 2 Locker Combos Revealed!

Dean (26. June 2019 23:13 )
Resident Evil 2 Locker Combos Revealed!Video Game News Online, Gaming News

If you are having difficulty finding all the combinations (or if you are just a cheater who likes shortcuts) then we've got your back. Below are a heap of combinations to many of the locks in the Resident Evil 2 remake, for your viewing pleasure. Use these codes to get new gear, guns and goodies and remember to aim for the face.

  • Lion Statue Lock Solution - Lion, Leaf Covered Branch, Bird
  • Lion Statue Lock Solution (Second Run) - Crown, Torch, Bird
  • Rookie's First Assignment Initials in West Office Solution - Left Lock: NED, Right Lock: MRG
  • 3F Stairs Dial Lock (Letters) Solution - DCM (Found in a film roll).
  • Unicorn Statue Lock Solution - Fish, Scorpion, Vase
  • Unicorn Statue Lock Solution (Second Run) - Two People, Scales, Uncoiled Snake
  • Men's Locker Room Dial Lock (Letters) Solution - CAP - Found in note in room attached to Operations Room.
  • West Office Safe Solution - Left 9, Right 15, Left 7 - Found in S.T.A.R.S. Office memo.
  • Maiden Statue Lock Solution - Woman, Bow, Snake
  • Maiden Statue Lock Solution (Second Run) - Ram, Harp, Bird
  • Waiting Room Safe Solution - Left 6, Right 2, Left 11 - Found in Confiscation Report File
  • Sewer Locker Control Room Dial Lock (Letters) Solution - SZF - Found in Jazz Festival Flyer
  • Treatment Pool Room Safe Solution - Left 2, Right 12, Left 8 - Found on side of safe (lol!)
  • Greenhouse Control Room Ladder Code 1 Solution - F, II, two small L shapes, and F - Found on ladder top
  • Greenhouse Control Room Ladder Code (Second Run) - backwards L above dash, colon, F, II
  • Greenhouse Control Room Drug Testing Code 2 Solution - Two small L shapes, I, a big square above a little square, and a thicker I
  • Greenhouse Control Room Drug Testing Code (Second Run) - two small L shapes, I, tiny block above big square, colon

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