Unique RPG Mashup, Grimshade, Gets Kickstarter, Trailer, Switch Aspirations

Dean (11. June 2018 18:21 )
Link: Trailer
Unique RPG Mashup, Grimshade, Gets Kickstarter, Trailer, Switch AspirationsVideo Game News Online, Gaming News

A new RPG with a unique character roster just hit 50 percent on Kickstarter, and is trying to round the bases to 100.

In the first season of Grimshade, players control up to seven characters. Each has their own story and role (or roles) on the battlefield, in addition to character specific equipment and an interesting equipment slot system. In fact, there's so many slots, you won't know where to begin.

The slots are divided into five rows: two active slots, one passive, one cumulative, and one for consumables, and each slot creates character abilities. By changing the item in the slot, you modify the skill which changes what it can do, so for example, if character swaps out a rifle for a new one, the damage won't necessarily be higher, but the new rifle can fire an explosive shot that's perfect for attacking groups of weak monsters. It's nothing groundbreaking, but the way that the slots and equipment are specific to the individual could provide for some interesting combinations.

Along with modifications, skills have a couple stats, like speed, which determines how characters and enemies move using their CTB meter, creating a turn order reminiscent of Heroes of Might and Magic 5 and position, which is the player's physical position on their side of the battlefield, where the player can use their skills and try to get the best matchups depending on what kind of enemy they are fighting. 

Take a look at the trailer and key features below:

  • Key features of Grimshade:
  • Tactical initiative-based battles. Choice and layout of characters change the outcome of the battle;
  • A unique upgrade system without experience, based solely on equipment: characters' skills and their combat style are determined by their set of equipment;
  • Six available game characters, each with their unique history and characteristics;
  • The system of relations between characters, which affects the story and provides advantages in battles;
  • A vast fantasy world in the age of steam engines and techno mages;
  • An exciting and developed storyline features over 20 hours of gameplay.

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