Modern Warfare 2: A Remake or Revolution? Comparing the Classic and Contemporary Versions

If for some reason anyone thought that this was a simple remake, then this is not so. Essentially, this is a new story with the same characters, having common roots, but showing certain events from a different angle and with different endings. A new game in the series, continuing the relaunch of the franchise of the same name in 2019. Let's compare the old and new versions of MW2 in this article.

Shooting - the new part is impressive

The old Modern Warfare 2 is still fun to fight. The secret is that each barrel is unique. The FAMAS fires in bursts of three rounds and has low recoil, making it easy to kill enemies at medium to long range. But the FAL is suitable for close combat: the recoil is impressive, but the damage is also huge. In the new MW2, each gun also has its features, but shooting has become even more enjoyable. However, players can still use the cod Skycoach boost to get the best weapons available. This service remains available for those who do not want to do this themselves and just want to have fun in the game.

The game is full of tasks with explosions and wild action, but many liked the banal activities more: take a shotgun, go into a house, and carefully destroy terrorists. Villains always die realistically. It's not just about the technologies that have stepped forward in 13 years. Still, even in the 1999 Medal of Honor, after being wounded, the Nazis limped and lost their weapons. Infinity Ward remembered ancient technologies and did a great job for the best shooting in casual shooters.


Difference in mechanics

Modern Warfare 2 surprised its players in 2009 with a change in mechanics. Heroes climb mountains, run away from enemies on snowmobiles, quietly climb bushes, defend control points, and save the United States from invaders. The list is solid, but the new product has even more creativity. There is social stealth on the streets of Amsterdam, penetration into the enemy’s lair undercover, and the search for scoundrels among civilians. There are even third-person chases in the spirit of Uncharted: the hero jumps from car to car, shoots in all directions, and avoids mines. Something original was added to each task. The problem is that many of the mechanics are not always appropriate. For example, in the original, there is an episode where the hero controls a drone for a couple of minutes and shoots enemies. It was fun, but the new air support mission was the worst in Call of Duty history. It’s depressing to shoot at terrorists for half an hour, and the mission also restarts if you catch civilians. Considering that the weapon is powerful, and the poor fellows are running around ridiculously, you can’t do without a dozen reboots.


The new product has many beautiful levels

Comparing the quality of textures and lighting is pointless. The old Modern Warfare 2 still looks decent, but in 13 years Activision has almost brought the picture to photorealism. Well, what about the design? The new product contains locations that will be among the most beautiful in the history of Call of Duty. Take Amsterdam, for example, the developers worked out the streets in detail, scattered cafes and groups of tourists around. As a result, the level will easily replace a real visit to the capital of the Netherlands. Other places are also beautiful. Mexican residential areas, the burning streets of Chicago, Spanish fields - there is something to admire everywhere.


Shepard became more understandable

Call of Duty has never had a great story, but Modern Warfare 2 at least had a surprising story. Captain Price and the team dealt with a Russian terrorist but learned that the true enemy was at their side. General Shepard betrayed his comrades and mercilessly killed Ghost and Roach. Gamers hated the villain, but he was understandable. Soon the general will help with the terrorist attack at the Moscow airport and unleash the Third World War. He believes that only victory will return the country to greatness - albeit at the cost of enormous sacrifices. Modern Warfare 2 features both Shepard and his Shadow Company mercenaries. But this time the general does not evoke a feeling of fear. He lost a couple of powerful missiles that would demolish any city. And now he’s playing tricks to get out. The mercenary leader is simply evil, he has no other motivation. The only advantage of the plot is the humanized Ghost. In the original, people loved him only for his cool mask and tragic death. Now this is an interesting partner with character.


In conclusion, I would like to note that MW2 is one of the best military shooters with a simple but interesting plot. The story turned out to be weak towards the end, but overall incredibly dynamic. The new product has amazing graphics that do not require top-end hardware for most gamers.


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