Best Upcoming PC Games in 2024

Best Upcoming PC Games in 2024

Looking ahead to the top PC games coming out in 2024? This year will see boundary-pushing RPGs, gripping horror, deep strategy, and innovative indie entries. 

Our guide dives right into the top games shaping this year's PC gaming landscape. Hardcore or casual gamer, we've got your back with the can't-miss titles set to take over your gaming sessions and spark conversation.

2024's PC Gaming Lineup

2024's gaming calendar is packed with high-profile releases, hidden indie treasures, and eagerly awaited sequels. 

The upcoming game roster is diverse, from immersive RPGs' grandeur to horror games' edge-of-your-seat suspense. 

There's something on the horizon for every gamer type - from thrill seekers of online blackjack to the strategists of Battle Royale. So, gear up, PC gamers, for a stunning journey into the new era of PC gaming.

January's Gaming Peaks

The year started boldly, welcoming us into a universe loaded with excitement and exploration. January brought us several sought-after titles, with a handful genuinely standing out.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown was a significant talking point. Players worldwide were hooked by its gripping battles and challenging platforming aspects, enticing them to seek lost histories hidden throughout the game. This iconic saga has quickly become a darling of franchise fans.

Another noteworthy launch was Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. This game brought a fresh spin to the standard RPG formula by combining unique turn-based fights and challenging off-road driving.

Tekken 8 stands out. It introduces fresh faces and exciting fights, reminding some fans of Star Wars.

Games to Play this Spring

With Spring coming, lots of high-profile games are set to release. Look out for Persona 3 Reload. Set to launch on February 2, this top-notch remake of a favorite stands out with improved gameplay and a fantastic plot. 

Also, watch for Homeworld 3. Expected on March 8, this return of a well-loved strategy series is already earning praise from reviewers.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 hits the market on March 22 and is creating a lot of chatter. This game whisks players into an unfamiliar world with distinct characters, groups, and excellent gameplay twists. 

Also, Bulletstorm VR, Unbroken, Mudrunner Game, and others are set to shift the PC gaming world this Spring.

Mid-Year Shocks and Independent Hits

Mid-year holds a few surprise releases and shining indie treasures. Even though some don't have release dates confirmed, the buzz around their release is exciting.

A notable release is Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. This game is expected to bring a fresh angle to gameplay with flying mechanics that echo the highly acclaimed Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Also promising is Star Wars Outlaws, which is predicted to introduce a fresh spin on the Star Wars world. Whether you enjoy RPGs, strategy games, or adventure, mid-year releases have something for everyone.

PC Only Offerings and Shared Gaming Triumphs

The exciting advances of 2024 are overflowing with fresh releases, thrilling PC-only games, and cherished console games transitioning to PC. 

Let's dive into these soon-to-be PC successes and cross-platform victories set to reinvent PC gaming.

Exclusive Hooks

The PC world awaits two exclusives: Clockwork Revolution and Flintlock: Siege of Dawn. Built by inXile Entertainment, Clockwork Revolution is a steampunk shooter and adventure game deep in the bustling city of Avalon. 

It's recognized for its time-twisting battles and woven roleplaying elements, offering a different gaming perspective.

Conversely, Flintlock: Siege of Dawn is an action-packed story that drops players into a fantastic world of myths and trials. 

Gifted with fresh gameplay and captivating storylines, Flintlock: Siege of Dawn is gaining top-rate reviews and traction. Both of these titles are must-haves for any keen PC gamer.

Console Darlings Turn PC Sensations

2024 will signal a wave of console hits porting to the PC. Persona 3 Reload stands as an example, and it began on the console before achieving PC success. 

The PC version shows off improved graphics and refined battle systems, making it admired by gamers.

More successful on PC, despite originating from Xbox's lineup, is Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This well-tailored PC game has won players with its energetic gameplay and unforgettable characters. 

As beloved console games switch to PC, 2024 is poised to be a year filled with shared platform triumphs.

Spotlight on Genres

A pattern emerges as we look at the games set for a 2024 release. Specific genres are getting more focus. If you're into:

  1. RPGs

  2. Survival horror

  3. Action-adventure

  4. First-person shooters

  5. Sports games

  6. Puzzle games

  7. Strategy games

  8. Simulation games

  9. Racing games

  10. Fighting games

Now, let's talk about some upcoming genre-specific PC games, particularly those released in 2024.

The Role-Playing Zone

The role-playing zone is set to give us some gems in 2024. Look out for Abyss World. It's all about exploration, an exciting storyline, and fun gameplay. 

Another RPG game worth waiting for is Persona 3 Reload. It's been praised for its captivating narrative and improved fight scenes. It's a treat for RPG lovers.

There are so many exciting RPGs coming up in 2024. It's going to be a fantastic year for RPG lovers.

Thrilling Survival and Horror

Some exciting horror and survival games will be released 2024 on a different plane. An example is Alone in the Dark

This game is known for its grueling gameplay. It delivers a strong survival horror experience.

Consider this: Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl. This one's a risky adventure in Chornobyl's forbidden zone. It's packed with hostile foes, odd occurrences, and precious trinkets. It’s not just a game. It’s an experience! Immersive tales and unique gaming rules make this a spine-chiller for PC gamers.

Unique Indies and Unnoticed Standouts

We turn to indie games and likely surprises as we wrap up our 2024 PC gaming journey. They often bring fresh and unique gaming experiences, even without the buzz of big releases.

Indie Ingenuity

Two indie games are creating ripples. Hollow Knight: Silksong shines with its fluid, creative movements and combat. It hooks players with its gymnastic-like abilities and expanded player capabilities.

Also on the radar is Haunted Chocolatier. It marries adventure and the joy of managing a chocolate shop in a spooky castle. It’s a unique, captivating game experience unlike anything else in indie gaming.

Possible Unexpected Hits

Subtle indie gems often birth fresh experiences, but potential sudden hits could also appear in 2024. One is Windblown, a survival game with roguelike features. 

Though not widely known, Windblown is gaining traction because of its distinct gameplay and its creator, Dead Cells, who is respected in the industry.

Witchbrook could be the subsequent unexpected success. Imagine a game that mingles exploration, daily life, and school love in a mystical world. Although it doesn't have a release date yet, it's already turning heads with its unique gaming features and alluring environment.


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