Find out what's in store for Super Bowl 2023

Find out what's in store for Super Bowl 2023

The Super Bowl is the biggest and most anticipated sporting event in the United States. American soccer fans and sports fans are anxious to find out what will happen in the 57th edition of this championship.

Around 200 million viewers will watch the show, as the Super Bowl offers American football and a spectacular halftime performance. The fans of music and the artist participating in the event highly anticipated this show.

The Super Bowl is also a huge moment for the sports betting world, as it is when more bets are placed than at any other time of the year. Gamblers are looking for the best sportsbooks like BetUS to bet. Everything related to the NFL finals is pure gold, so sports betting is at its peak during the event, moving billions of dollars.

This year's Super Bowl promises to be one of the most spectacular, announcing a show that aims to be among the most historic. This article will tell you everything expected of the Super Bowl 2023, so you can catch everything.


Date and place where the Super Bowl 2023 will take place

The Super Bowl 2023 will occur in Arizona at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, with a capacity for 63,400 spectators. The event will occur on February 12, 2023."

Teams that faced each other in the NFL playoffs

On January 21 and 22, the playoffs took place, and the matchups and results were the following.

  • Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 27 / 20
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants 38 / 7
  • Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills 27 / 10
  • San Francisco 49ers vs. Dallas Cowboys 19 / 12

The Conference Championships were held on January 29:

  • Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers 31 / 7
  • Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals 23 / 20

Now we will have to wait until February 12 to see who will win the Super Bowl; the Eagles or the Chiefs?

The halftime show

The Super Bowl is recognized worldwide for offering the most impressive, spectacular, and massive halftime shows. Every year, several world-class artists perform to provide an incredible performance during the halftime of the match.

It is a tradition of the Super Bowl to summon the most prestigious stars; among the greatest shows during the long history of this event are Michael Jackson, U2, Coldplay, Prince, Shakira and JLo, Lady Gaga, and many others.

Of course, the Super Bowl also presented shows that were far from great. Although they are the fewest, there have been shows worthy of being forgotten. However, the opposite is sure to be the case this year.

This year, Rihanna will be in charge of dazzling the audience during the 15-minute halftime show. This announcement was the excitement of millions of fans who had not seen her for a long time since she had been away from the stage due to her pregnancy in 2022.

Rihanna will also choose other guest artists, although their identities are unknown. There are very few details about the show, so we can only wait to see it. One thing is for sure; it will be amazing!


Where to watch the Super Bowl and at what time it starts

The 57th edition of the Super Bowl will be broadcast on Fox and begin at 6:30 pm EST.

Of course, the event will also be available via streaming on several platforms: Fox Sports app, Fox Sports website, NFL+ app, fuboTV, Hulu, Sling TV, and Roku TV.



The most important sporting moment for Americans is yet to come. Little time remains to determine the winner of the Super Bowl. Everyone is anxious for the arrival of the big day, to find out who will be the winning team, and to enjoy a dazzling halftime show.

Little time remains to determine the winner of the Super Bowl.

So far, Super Bowl 2023 promises to be one of those historical events. However, there is no choice but to be patient to find out what it will bring when the big day arrives.

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