League of Legends Worlds 2023 To Deliver Some Expected Changes

League of Legends (LoL) is going to change as an eSport in 2023, and more than just a little. It will see differences both in formats and in leagues, as well as in the two major international events of the global competition.

Various rumors suggest that 2023 is the year that Riot Games is going to reinvent the competitive circuit of LoL eSports, with the changes in the LEC already leaked. The new rumored modifications to Worlds and MSI 2023 only push the envelope more. Whether betting on eSports or NFL odds, bettors become accustomed to certain systems.

LoL Worlds In A New Universe 

Riot Games held a press conference this week where it commented on various Worlds issues. John Needham, president of eSports at Riot Games, confirmed the bombshell. He confirmed that there will be changes in 2023.

What will change is the format of the world championships, as eSports journalist Travis Gafford has confirmed as well. However, the double elimination or double bracket that everyone expected will not come, which has been confusing.

In the words of Riot's president of eSports, "We think the double bracket is perfect for qualifying for an event, but Worlds is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and every big event has a single elimination bracket."

As a result, there won't be a double bracket in Worlds 2023 or in the MSI, but some adjustments to the format. Maybe the Play-In will disappear in LEC. With the filtered changes, Riot Games hopes to bring more matches between the best teams. This is the same concept that drives changes to NFL lines in betting.

Riot Games does not really intend to set up a double elimination bracket for the LoL Worlds playoffs, despite numerous requests from the community and fans. This kind of debate is present every year, but it is much more intense this year. 

LoL Not Alone

It comes up with other games, as well. The World Championship of another Riot Games product, the VALORANT Champions 2022, is a perfect example. This tournament proposed for the playoffs a double elimination bracket in Bo3, with the exception of the final of the Losers' Bracket and the grand final, which are played in Bo5. 

Many people have, therefore, asked Riot Games that the LoL Worlds playoffs adopt this same system. Of course, not everyone is not necessarily for a change of format, with some advocating for not changing the current system. 

People opposed to such a change put forth the argument that it could take away from the interest in certain meetings and that we could have fewer stakes. They believe that the current format is good and allows the attendance of unique matches.

Lil Nas X Comes To Worlds 2023

Lil Nas X will be in charge of making the official song of the League of Legends World Cup, and the date of its premiere was advanced. Recently, the official preview of what the Worlds 2023 anthem will be was made on the Riot Games social networks. 

The music artist was completely in charge of setting up the theme and was anxious to let others hear it. He already had it on his playlist at concerts well ahead of the official launch.

An official teaser was made, where the lyrics are not mentioned, and only the instrumental is heard, while the rapper is the "president of League of Legends." It was a short preview of what will be the video clip, but with enough material to decipher the song. 

That's what the attendees of a recent concert on his tour called Long Live Montero enjoyed, as well. They were the first to hear the complete song live. As it continues to find new channels, fans will be able to listen to it as they review Vegas NFL odds.

Videos of this extravagant presentation circulate on social networks, where fans can already learn more about the lyrics. It is the inspiration for the 24 teams participating in the Worlds competitions. Lil Nas talks about wanting to achieve greatness at all costs, the same thing the players of Worlds want to do.

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