Fallout 4 – What Makes You S.P.E.C.I.A.L.? Charisma.
02.October 2015
Here’s the latest “What Makes You S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video from Bethesda: At Vault-Tec, we’re working around the clock to help prepare you for the possibility of total atomic annihilation with our educational series on the seven defining attributes that make you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.  ... More
Official Call of Duty: Black Ops III Story Trailer
02.October 2015
Treyarch has released the official Call of Duty: Black Ops III story trailer, which you can check out below. “In our quest to create the ultimate soldier, we've pushed for the enhancement of our greatest weapon: our mind. But with this new power comes an unimaginable new threat.” ... More
Divinity: Original Sin II Campaign Ends with Over $2 Million to Unlock Game Master Mode
02.October 2015
From Larian Studios: Thanks to the support of backers around the world, the Divinity: Original Sin II Kickstarter campaign has been a resounding success, quadrupling its initial funding goal and reaching over $2 million to unlock the final stretch goal; Game Master mode. Larian Studios has been ... More
Race Like the Flying Finns in DiRT Rally Early Access
02.October 2015
Codemasters has added Finland to DiRT Rally: Codemasters announced that from today owners of DiRT Rally will be able to race in the spiritual home of rallying as the Flying Finland update joins DiRT Rally as a free update to all Early Access players. The Finland rally, set in the Jämsä... More
The Swindle (Wii U)
02.October 2015
London, 1849. Making a living as a master burglar could not be any easier. Those days might soon be over, however – Scotland Yard has developed a breakthrough artificial intelligence technology codenamed “The Devil’s Basilisk”. Reliable sources have confirmed that you still h... More
Mad Max (PS4)
29.September 2015
Lackluster video game adaptations of successful movie franchises as are about as common as sand in the desert. Mad Max is one film series that deserves much better, thanks to the Road Warrior’s insanely awesome comeback in this summer’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Avalanche Studios, creators of ... More
EA Sports NHL 16 (PS4)
25.September 2015
EA Sports NHL 16 is out now, right in time for the 2015-2016 hockey season. The latest game in the series allows you to choose between a variety of game modes, which we’ll describe in detail below.                 &nbs... More
Cross of the Dutchman (PC)
24.September 2015
Most Americans have probably never heard of Frisia, but like most places on the Old Continent, this damp spot in the northern Netherlands is rich with history, culture, and claims to uniqueness. A state of affairs known as “Frisian Freedom” meant that it was once one of the only places i... More
Until Dawn (PS4)
23.September 2015
“We should split up.” How many times have heard this in a horror movie and wondered just how stupid these people must be – there’s no way you’d make the same dumb mistakes, and you’d definitely make it out alive. Well Supermassive Games gives you the opportunity t... More
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LEGO Marvels Avengers
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Blood Bowl 2
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