Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at gamescom 2014 wrap-up
20.August 2014
This year’s gamescom is over and, as always, it was a blast. The studio would like to thank each and every one of you for attending and being with us during the show--we love to talk, and the possibility to hear you out in person remains one of the most important elements in shaping the unforg... More
Blackguards 2 – First teaser featuring ingame scenes and improvements of the upcoming SRPG available
16.August 2014
Daedalic Entertainment’s Blackguards are back – better than ever before. In a new teaser we can not only show you first scenes from our upcoming SRPG Blackguards 2. Our development team also listened closely to all the community and press feedback on the games’ successful first ins... More
Daedalics FIRE – First teaser introduces main character Ungh
16.August 2014
Ungh, hero of Daedalic Entertainment’s upcoming exploration adventure FIRE, is full of expressive energy. Today the developers publish a teaser introducing the slightly clumsy Neanderthal, who lives in a quaintly colorful Stone Age world.   FIRE, the upcoming exploration adventure from ... More
Shadowgate Presents Your Death
16.August 2014
With just one week before the launch of the re-imagined Shadowgate, adventurers will need to drum up their courage as they venture into the depths of this mystical, living castle. Death waits at every corner and gamers will see just a few ways to die in this new “YOUR DEATH” trailer &nda... More
Invisible, Inc. Steam Early-Access Trailer Released
16.August 2014
Release Details Invisible, Inc. comes to Steam Early-Access Tuesday August, 19th and will be priced at $15.99 (20% off $19.99) for the duration of Early-Access. Invisible, Inc. will be available for PC and Mac during Early-Access and we’ll be looking at Linux closer to full release. What... More
Toy Stunt Bike (3DS/2DS)
30.July 2014
Toy Stunt Bike is an attempt to follow the trail blazed by successful skill racing series like Excitebike and Trials. Instead, it ends up being a textbook example of all the things that can go wrong with this kind of game.   Over chairs and dominoes   The basic idea of the game is as s... More
Blockstorm (PC)
21.July 2014
In the beginning was the Block… … or something like that is how the creation story for the bizarre world  Blockstorm must go, a game full of maps as whimsical they are challenging. This new indie spectacle from GhostShark looks and feels like a crossover between Quake and Minec... More
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (PC)
17.July 2014
At some point in the 2000s, World War II-themed video games flooded the market, and it seemed like every other game that came out had players reliving the epic conflict that shaped the course of the world. A few years ago though, the waters began to recede, and while there are still a few first-pers... More
Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4)
16.July 2014
Murdered: Soul Suspect is Airtight Games’ (developers of Dark Void) attempt at creating a clever detective game that focuses on story above everything else. Closely connected to the events of the Salem Witch Trials, the game is an ambitious new entry in the mystery drama. Read to review to fin... More
Watch Dogs (PS4)
27.June 2014
Story In the 1990s, as more and more people had access to the Internet, some predicted that it wouldn’t be long before we’d living much of our lives online. Back then it all seemed such a long way off, a dream of a distant science-fiction future. But now it’s almost impossible t... More