The Battle of Odessen Coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire on August 11th
28.July 2016
From BioWare and Lucasfilm: BioWare and Lucasfilm today announced details of its climactic chapter in the storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire. Early Access to The Battle of Odessen will be available for qualified Star Wars: The Old Republic subscribers on A... More
Okhlos Coming to PC, Mac, and Linux August 18th
28.July 2016
From Coffee Powered Machine: Ancient Greece – Philosophical indie developer Coffee Powered Machine and anarchic game label Devolver Digital are proud to announce that Greek mob dramedy Okhlos is launching August 18 on PC and Mac via Steam, GOG, and Humble. Potential Okhlos philosophers can al... More
Borussia Dortmunds Marco Reus Revealed as Cover Athlete for FIFA 17
28.July 2016
From EA Sports: EA have announced that fans chose Marco Reus of Borussia Dortmund to be the global cover athlete of EA Sports FIFA 17.  Over the past two weeks, fans have voted on the official FIFA Cover Vote Website for their favourite player among four FIFA 17 ambassadors, James Rodriguez of... More
Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Coming to Consoles This Fall
28.July 2016
Form Fatshark and Nordic Games: Today Fatshark and Nordic Games announce their partnership to bring the highly anticipated console versions of the critically acclaimed Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide to PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. The worldwide release is set for October 4th 2016, for PlayS... More
Goliath (PC)
26.July 2016
Oh robots, you are a gaming delight. Whether I am destroying you, building you into an unstoppable killing machine to unleash robo-death on my enemies, stopping you from taking over the world or just casually sending you to robot hell, robots are always welcome in my gaming library. Goliath has you ... More
Hard Reset Redux (PC)
19.July 2016
Hard Reset: Redux is an improved, updated, and expanded remake of 2011's single-player dystopian-cyberpunk FPS, Hard Reset. You have three main weapons: A futuristic katana for melee attacks (non-upgradeable); an assault rifle which can be equipped with rockets, grenades, and mines; and a plasma... More
Kathy Rain (PC)
30.June 2016
Kathy Rain, subtitled “A Detective Is Born”, is a skillfully modernized update of the classic LucasArts/Sierra-style point-and-click adventure game genre, developed by indie studio Clifftop Games and published by Raw Fury. Aside from a couple of text entry screens, the entire game is con... More
Hearts of Iron IV (PC)
21.June 2016
Hearts of Iron IV is the fourth major incarnation of one of the more serious war simulation games out there. Set during the WWII era (you can begin in either 1936 or 1939), you pick a country – any country – and see about carving out your place in history. It's you against the world,... More
Pharaonic (PC)
18.June 2016
If you’ve ever wondered what Dark Souls would be like if it was 2.5D and set in ancient Egypt, then the extremely difficult and oddly named Pharaonic is for you. Much like Dark Souls, it is not a game for the impatient, or those who are prone to rage-smashing expensive gaming equipment. Timing... More
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