SMITE Introduces New God Xing Tian
03.September 2015
From Hi-Rez Studios: For Xing Tian there is no defeat; there is no death. As long as there is a battle to be fought, he will never surrender. And he will never die. SMITE’s latest addition, a versatile god that can be aggressive in lane and boasts a unique ultimate ability, is out today on PC... More
New Endless Legend Shadows Expansion Available Today
03.September 2015
Indie developer Amplitude Studios today released the latest expansion for its award-winning 4X strategy game Endless Legend on Steam. Endless Legend: Shadows brings a brand new faction, The Forgotten, and features the much-requested new espionage system that gives players the chance to spy, infiltra... More
New Skyforge Trailer Showcases Hostile Territories
03.September 2015
Developers Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment and publisher My.com have unveiled a brand new trailer showcasing the new high level activity in Skyforge, Hostile Territories. Check it out below. Hostile Territories are massive Regions that players can travel to using mysterious portals. Immens... More
World of Tanks Update 9.10 Brings Reinforcements for the Japanese Empire
03.September 2015
Wargaming today announced that update 9.10 for World of Tanks is now live globally, bringing nine new Japanese vehicles and the next exciting stage in Domination event: Rampage. This new branch of Japanese tanks sees Tiers 2 through 10 get some serious backup in a series of heavy-hitting vehicles... More
Kholat (PC)
03.September 2015
In the northern Urals, on a mountain known as Kholat Syakhl – “Dead Mountain” in the local language – nine hikers go missing. Weeks later, they are found, their bodies lightly clothed and lying in the snow, despite the bitter cold of the Russian winter. Mysterious injuries on... More
Breach and Clear: Deadline (PC)
30.August 2015
The action/tactical strategy title Breach & Clear: Deadline is the follow-up to 2013’s Breach & Clear, though instead of commanding special forces squads in a variety of tactical situations, this time you’re them through a zombie-infested region cut off from the rest of the world... More
H1Z1 (Alpha)
28.August 2015
The survival MMO H1Z1, from developer Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) is another game that sends players to the front lines of the Zombie Apocalypse. Civilization as we know it has come to a grisly end, as the walking dead roam the land, victims of the eponymous H1Z1 virus... More
StarDrive 2 (PC)
25.August 2015
After a long dry spell, we’re starting to see more and more turn-based 4X strategy titles set in space. A genre lots of people thought was dead has been brought back to life, though not every new title is of the same quality, of course. Some of them don’t have enough depth, or they&rsquo... More
Legends of Eisenwald (PC)
24.August 2015
  Emergence in Eisenwald If you’ve ever imagined being a knight or frolicking through 15th-century Germany, Legends of Eisenwald is likely to be right up your alley. Developed by Belarusian studio Aterdux Entertainment, Legends of Eisenwald is an enticing combination of the Middle Ages ... More
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