ARPG Killsquad's Trailer Shows Off Some Insane Co-Op Action

Dean (09. July 2019 14:22 )
Link: KS
ARPG Killsquad's Trailer Shows Off Some Insane Co-Op ActionVideo Game News Online, Gaming News

In Killsquad, you are fighting your way through a galaxy that is in chaos, where planets go rogue, and mega-corporations assemble Killsquads to raid whatever riches and bounty are left. Killsquad is a "hardcore action RPG done by hardcore RPG fans". The game lets you set up your team, choose your heroes, weapons and gear, and unleash hell on a fast-paced battle through hordes of monsters and deadly bosses.

Killsquad looks like an RPG but plays more like an action game. This creates a gameplay style that can be played with either a keyboard or gamepad, with a focus on short, adrenaline pumping missions played solo or in 4 player coop.

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